Parents always want to make the best decisions for their children. The most essential decision they have to make is the size of their family. In a small family, parents can give more resources to their children. Their children can receive better education, or have more opportunities to develop some costly interests, such as piano. I believe children in a small family can receive more supports from their parents than children in a large family can receive. Researchers By 2009, they had on average 1.

children, while at a similar stage in their lives their mothers had on average 2. 4 children. There was a time when people were proud of having large families. But Today, Things have changed. People are realizing the importance of having small Family. People are now realizing that Small Family is Happy Family. There are so Many Advantages of having a small family. Below are listed some of the advantages of being a small family. 1- Financial conditional of family is deeply related to the size of the family.

A living cost of large family is surely much higher than small family.

A large family has more expenses on cloth, toys, education and food whereas expenses in small family are very low. 2- Parents can easily fulfill the needs of one or two children. They can provide them best education and look after them very well whereas when there are many children to look after parents just cannot look even the basic needs of the children. Therefore, as a result, children suffer, the parents suffer and nation suffers.

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3- Parents can look after their child properly if they have one or two children.

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