I am excited to complete this course. Anything that will aid in my personal and professional development is extremely important. I see the advantages of taking a composition course however I feel that some of the material is somewhat redundant. However, I understand that this course is meant for demographic with a wide range of linguistic competencies. I don’t feel that any personal feelings I have will have any negative effects to the quality of work I submit for this module.

Inventory: I am an independent learner, so this course is perfectly suited for my learning style. However, I find that I am somewhat of an auditory learner. Reading subject matter that I find difficult out loud, helps overcome the difficulties I may face regarding the medium of which information is presented. One way I would like to improve as a writer, is being able to express my ideas creatively in writing. The second way would be to expand my vocabulary and spelling, as I find I have become useless without spell check.

Being bilingual, I actually spell better in my second language than my native one.September 28, 2011 -Entry 2: PREWRITING Brainstorming:Ways computers with friends 1. Professional Networking 2. Globalization 3. Saving work 4. Games 5. Graphic design 6. Recording music/audio 7. Recording movies/video 8. Presentations 9. Digital photo sharing 10. Social Networking 11. Developing programs 12. Developing websites 13. Word processing 14. Blogging 15. Develops technology 16. Developing/Exposing new ideas cheaply 17. Independently developing a business 18. Learning/ Education mediums 19. Wasting time 20. Another expensive 21. Having to keep up with technological inflationThesis:Computers have had the largest impact on my personal life compared to any other piece of technology in existence.

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September 28, 2011 -Entry 3: DRAFTING Evidence: 1. Advances in Technology: “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers. ” – Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943. According to Gartner Dataquest’s statistics, in “April 2002 the billionth personal computer was shipped. The second billion mark was supposedly reached in 2007. ” Technology develops at an exponential rate, and apparently our appetite for it has as well.Computers today, facilitate most aspects of our life, but have currently made the largest strides in our personal lives. Faster processing, more RAM, expansive hard drives, web 2. 0 and more powerful ISP services, allow us to communicate with one another like never before. Hi definition web cams aid in seeing one another internationally, and for free via Skype one can carry out a conversation with a respectable frame rate. Without the ever developing technological landscape, these feats as shown would have been thought impossible.With every advance in computing technology, our social lives seem to further intertwine with computers. 2. Social Media: All forms of modern day social networking mediums exist because of the development of computer technology. The augmentation of personal computer technology has facilitated the development of such web based applications as Myspace, Hi5, Youtube, Twitter, and of course Facebook. According to Facebook, they have more than 800 million active users, and more than 50% of their active users log on to Facebook in any given day.This means that not only is one seventh of our global population using Facebook, but over half of that demographic uses Facebook daily. 3. Globalization: Computer technology and the various forms of social media have contributed greatly to the phenomenon known as globalization. Wikipedia defines globalization as “The increasing unification of the world’s economic order… It describes the process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through communication, transportation and trade. Facebook has more than 70 languages and more than 75% of the user base, are located outside of the United States according to their website. Conclusion/ summary 3. Globalization Introduction and Thesis Paragraph 2. Social Media 1. Advances in technology Organization: September 29, 2011 -Entry 4: REVISING Purpose and audience:Firstly, there are grammatical changes that need to be made. Instant messages should be pluralized. Also, when writing formally I prefer to use ‘does not’ instead of ‘doesn’t’. The sentence regarding fonts and abbreviations does not seem to have a subject.I am also surprised to find out that my spell check allows the word ‘crayoned’. These are just a few grammatical errors that will aid in conveying a message to your audience, regardless of the intended demographic. I feel that the essay does convey an overall message. The overuse of technology as a medium for communication diminishes the personal touch of the message. Thesis statement, topic sentences, and paragraphs:Though there is a definite message in the topic sentences, I feel that the message is rather scattered. The thesis statement seems to be left up to the reader to decipher.The author should have started with the history of letter writing and the introduction of email in mid to late 1990s’. I think the thesis statement in the first sentence, “Instead of using e-mails, mail a letter to your grandparents. ” If that is a case there should be a solid encompassing idea behind why I should write the letter in the sentence as well. “We use computers to send e-mails and Instant Message. Nana doesn’t lie in that time zone. ” Why would that effect the email and not the mailed letter. Evidence:Some of the evidence points don’t even make sense. But they sometimes bleep and blurp in a frustrating conversation your grandparents can’t quite hear or understand. ” Other sentences are extremely flawed in logic, “A letter exists in time and space. ” Projected images exist in the same way that radio waves and other electromagnetic radiation exists in time and space. If it did not exist in time and space in a significant way, we would not have the sensory abilities to perceive it. Another example of nonsense written as evidence of an undefined point is, “They may get a paper cut from your letter, but sucking on a finger while reading makes their experience more memorable and satisfying.The cut heals; the letter remains alive. ” The first part of the sentence is almost a counter argument to the point, “The letter remains alive. ” Does not make sense and is a terrible way to conclude the essay. Organization:Conclusion/ summary 3. Memories 2. Simple Medium 1. Personal touch Introduction and Thesis Paragraph There is no real organizational pattern shown throughout the essay. There would need to be a complete overhaul for this essay to read as an essay should. There does not seem to be a true introduction or thesis statement.There also does not seem to be three different paragraphs with three different ideas to support the thesis statement. I would re organize the essay into five paragraphs as shown on the figure below. September 30, 2011 -Entry 5: PUBLIC SPACE ExploreBeing a black male who lives in a 2011 Canadian province, I have not experienced the same level of racial profiling as Brent staples. However that is not to say that it has not happened to some extent. Walking downtown at night I feel that as I pass another individual they become more apprehensive than they would if they had passed another person.At the same time though, passing anyone downtown at night could cause that reaction. Either way, I consciously try to give the individual a great personal space, or smile as we walk passed one another to reduce the perceived tension. In the end, I feel fortunate to have had a different life experience. The United States from my experience is a much more aggressive country. Rampant economic diversity which easily correlates with various ethnic groups results in enforced stereotypes and racial profiling. Racial profiling was even worse in previous generations.My younger cousins in New York thought I dressed and spoke funny as I did not share their accent or Afro American slang. It was funny how alienating it was at the time. During my time in New York and Miami I noticed people predominantly socialize with those of the same race which is something that I am not used too. The only time I have truly noticed such public segregation that before is in the youth gangs in Canada. Free writeGrammar, spelling, and punctuation absolutely dictate the degree of communication and influence the ‘public space’ between the author and the reader.Without the use of proper grammar a certain text could lose all meaning. Spelling can change the meaning of a word. Whole and hole have too completely different meanings. Without proper punctuation, the intonation of the text will change altering the tone or pace of the piece for the reader. September 29, 2011 -Entry 6: NARRATION Scene Key actions Key participants Key lines of dialogue Feelings September 30, 2011 -Entry 7: DESCRIPTION Sensory Details:The event was a provincial swimming competition that I had a few years ago. Sight The pool looked much longer than it does during a normal practise.The stands which were situated well above the pool were packed with family and friends of all the competitors as it was a provincial competition. Sound Above all the noise from the crowd I could hear my coach and team mates cheering me on from the side of the pool. Each time my head came above water to breath I could make out their voices and their chants. Smell You get hit with the powerful smell of chlorinated water from the moment you enter the building. By the time I stand on the starting blocks I can no longer smell the chlorine from the water.Maybe it’s nervous, or maybe it is desensitization, but it smell just like warm humid air. Taste Though the humidity within the complex saturated my skin, my mouth was dry as I stepped up to the starting blocks. This all changed after race began, as I was quickly reminded of the taste of chlorine. Touch The surface of the starting block was rough against my feet as I stood atop the starting blocks awaiting the electronic beep to signal the beginning of the race. As the race began and my body entered the pool the brisk chlorinated water rushed over my body in an awesome wave.The nervous listless feeling vanished as my whole body began to pulsate with adrenaline. Comparison The race was my mountain, and I it’s climber. Evaluation Sight was definitely the easiest sense to write about. The hardest sense to write about was probably taste. For me, the senses that would hold the most weight over my memories would be the ones that I use the most. Our memories and dreams our filled with images, so one could reason that it is the more dominant of the senses and hence the easiest to write about. Conversely, I cannot remember a dream I have had about the taste of something.September 30, 2011 -Entry 8: ILLUSTRATION Feeling and situationsProactive, hard work, patience, organization, difficult, acceptance, poise, strength, persistence, perseverance, When I was in high school, I was extremely busy. I was on every team plus I ran track and field with the junior university team. It was very difficult to balance sports, school and a job when I was younger. I currently am a manager at a small oil and gas company, train in kick boxing and continue my studies. My days are really long, and since each one of those responsibilities are important to me, they require my full attention and effort.It takes a lot of hard work to do this program, manage at my work, and keep up with my training. It is important to be proactive when trying to balance all the things in my life. Leaving things to the last minute is never a good idea if you want to produce the best results. Proactivity is an essential characteristic to achieving a balanced life. ThesisTo handle the stress of distance education while maintaining a balanced successful life, one must be proactive, hardworking, and willing to face difficulties head on. October 1, 2011 -Entry 9: COMPARISON AND CONTRASTAs a Canadian citizen my experience with doctors is probably much different in some ways than patients within the American system. This is probably due to the universal healthcare system, though we will undoubtedly move to a two tiered system in time. Our system seems to have both extremes of doctors represented in the text, and everything in between as well. I have had the most caring family doctors, who hold my personal health in the highest regard. And I have also seen specialists who treat me like another part in an endless assembly line of patients.The best experiences were with my childhood family doctor. Dr. Blake was kind, compassionate and always knew the right things to make me feel better when I was ill. He retired when I was six years old and I still remember him and his office to this day. Compare/Contrast Male Doctor Dr. Blake would put in the extra time with me until I felt better unlike the male doctor from the text. He would also stay later than the typical 9-5 work hours if necessary. One thing they have in common however is that they were both very neat. Dr. Blake always looked very professional and proper. I also remember that Dr.Blake loved new electronic gadgets, so one could say that both doctors embrace technology in the workplace. Female Doctor They both were extremely caring. Not to say that the male doctor did not like the job, but truly seemed like the female doctor loved hers. I believe loving being a doctor and having a passion for helping people would be another similarity they both shared. Dr. Blake would also be devastated if he lost a patient. He would make sure I would leave with a candy each visit. Since Dr. Blake was quite neat and organized their appearances together would have been quite polarizing.October 1, 2011 -Entry 10: COMPARISON AND CONTRAST Fear of failing Lack of preparation -Organization -Laziness – Don’t know how to study properly Insecurity Speed up a program October 1, 2011 -Entry 11: DEFINITION PrewriteCheating regardless of the etymology has cheating one’s self as a result. I will however focus on marital infidelity. Trading trust, honor, integrity, and respect for what is in most cases temporary or an illusion. Hurting someone who you chose to let closest to you will end up scarring you as well. When I was younger I saw a close friend’s parents go through a divorce due to an infidelity.It affected him and his sister greatly. They were devastated, and it seemed like they had gone through a death in the family. However, every situation is different. There could be situations of verbal or physical abuse within a relationship that causes the other partner to stray. October 2, 2011 -Entry 12: ARGUMENT Analyze”How much is that Kidney in the Window” and “Strip-Mining the Dead” are two polarizing perspectives on human organ trafficking. Though there were many differences in opinion between the two authors, they also shared a few similarities in their thoughts as well.Gottlieb illustrated that the loss of a single kidney is not necessary to the donor’s survival unlike other body organs. Despite Gottlieb’s argument that legislators would be able to allow the sale of kidneys, Meilaender felt that certain things are simply not meant to be sold commercially. Meilaender admits that due to this paradigm, people may die despite alternative methods. Gottlieb felt human life should be prioritized above all other reasons and counterarguments. They both carry their beliefs throughout their respective texts.Gottlieb analyzed the practical medicinal benefits as well as the financial implications of human kidney sale. Meilaender continued to focus on the somewhat holistic belief of respect for the human body. ReactIt is a natural desire to want to maintain the sanctity of a human corpse. However, if the body contains properties or characteristics that could help a member of the living, then the reverence of the corpse must be disturbed. Think about someone close to you, if a body part from a corpse was the one thing in the world that would save them, would you want it for them. The answer in most cases would be yes.It would be irrational to not use things around you to help yourself, or someone you love. Some people think it is human instinct to respect the dead. However that only came once it was discovered that decomposing bodies can bring disease. Many religions furthered such beliefs when church and state were homogenous. Modern medicinal technology allows for the harvesting of organs from a corpse, and the successful implantation of that organ into a living human being. Why is that worse than letting that same organ decompose? Treating our dead with respect and reverence is a beautiful characteristic of any society.By honoring the dead we are cherishing the memory of our loved ones, following paradigms of our various belief systems, and honoring the traditions of previous generations. None of those are time valued traditions hold their value if we do not put a higher value on our living than our dead. Our societies need to move forward, and let go of archaic belief systems that hinder our society and hold our citizens health hostage. October 2, 2011 -Entry 14: NOTES AND CITATIONS October 2, 2011 -Entry 15: COURSE REFLECTION ReflectIf feel that my attitude to writing is relatively the same.My knowledge about writing though has increased substantially throughout this process. I feel a lot of growth has happened as I have made my way through this journey. I know a little bit more about my writing style. I have also learned many essay writing techniques that will prove invaluable as I continue my academic and professional careers. I think I could improve as a writer, by being more patient and allowing more time for my ideas to form. Some I am very thankful for the educational opportunity the English module at Penn Foster College has provided.

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