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Thomas Wyatt many different interpretations are formed by each person who reads It. In the title Wyatt uses the word they never giving a definitive Identity as to which they refers to. Some would say that they refers to the women that Wyatt has loved and left while others would say that It refers to only the few women that have seduced and left Wyatt.

This type of argument is made all throughout the entire poem.

It is clear that Wyatt is talking about his relationships with women or one certain Oman but the only debating issue is who is fleeing from Thomas Wyatt? Is Wyatt describing one certain woman who has bestowed upon him the same courtesy that he has bestowed on past lovers? Or could it be possible that Wyatt is describing the new found attitude of those “gentle, tame, and meek” (Wyatt line 3) women who are now “wild and do not remember” (Wyatt line 4)? It can be looked upon at different angles as to who Is fleeing from Wyatt.

One way of looking at Watt’s written words Is that he may be describing those women that he once loved and left and are now moved on and want nothing more to o with him. In the first stanza of the poem It says “l have seen them gentle, tame, and meek / that are now wild and do not remember.

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” (Wyatt II. 3-4). This seems that he is reflecting on how his past lovers used to be and have now changed to these somewhat wild women that no longer want his company. Also in stanza two it seems that he is describing a fond memory with one of these women that used to be gentle and desired him thoroughly.

Wyatt The Long Love

He reflects back on this memory as though he misses the way they wanted him and were so tamed by his charm despite his promiscuous reputation. And that he knows that there is no longer a chance for this to repeat itself again seeing as to how they are now wild and rather forget him altogether, as though he had hurt him so bad as to change them. This maybe the meaning for the title “They Flee From Me” as though they were hurt so badly that they distanced themselves from Wyatt. There is also another line in the poem in which seems to make the reader think that he is describing his past lovers.

In the flirts line “They flee from, that sometime did me seek” (Wyatt line 1) it appears that Wyatt is expressing that the women that once did chase after him and desire him are no longer clinging to him but rather the opposite. Also another line in the first stanza seems to express the same thought “To take bread at my hand; and now they range,” (Wyatt line 6). This line is somewhat similar to the first line as in saying that they both reach out to say that the women who were once longing for Wyatt are no longer drawn in by his charm.

In the third stanza It may be thought that Wyatt is once again referring to the women of his past by Just simply using the word ‘her’. One way of looking at the last Tanta Is to say that Wyatt Is writing of how he would leave his female companion at that moment. In the lines “Into a strange fashion of forsaking / And I have leave to go, of her goodness / And she also to use ineffableness” (Wyatt II. 17-19) can be read Ana Interpreted In teen sense Tanat en may nave Eden graceful Ana generous In tenet parting of ways. That may be the explanation of the phrase ‘strange fashion of forsaking.

And in line 16 it seems that he is saying that even though the time they spent together was Joyful he must part ways with her, with ‘her’ meaning all the oversee of his past. Also in line 17 it can be read as though Wyatt is saying that as he is leaving the women have tried tricks or tried to find someway to get him to stay. Another way of reading this poem is to look at it as though he is only speaking of one certain woman instead of many lovers. In the second stanza it may be read as though he is writing about a special memory he had with her “When her loose gown from her shoulders did fall / And she me caught in her arms long and small. (Wyatt II. 11-12). In these two lines it appears that he may be speaking of this certain lover s in describing her arms as long and small, which may symbolize her elegance and may also symbolize this woman’s caring and loving side. Also in stanza two he writes “Therewith sweetly did me kiss / and softly said, “Dear heart, how like you this (Wyatt 11. 13-14). These two lines can be read as though he is still recalling the same experience but only writing of how she pleased him and showed him affection. In the last stanza it seems that he may be describing one woman who has made love to him only to forsake him in the end.

The last stanza seems as though he is describing his promiscuous lover “Into strange fashion of forsaking / and I have to leave to go, of her goodness / And she also to use ineffableness. ” (Wyatt 11. 17-19). It seems that Just by these lines he is writing about this certain woman who has now made love to him and has sent him on his way afterwards. Then by the use of the word ‘ineffableness’ it seems as though she has now started on the prowl for another potential male companion. Thus showing him the same treatment he has shown his female companions from the past.

When reading this poem many different opinions can be formed as to who is fleeing away from Wyatt. While observing three different thoughts of three different readers the issue of Wyatt either writing of one certain woman or his many past lovers really stuck out. Then in rereading this poem both sides have pretty good arguments as to why one thought he was writing about women of Watt’s past or this one certain woman. In conclusion, in the poem Wyatt never gives a identity as to who he is writing about which leads up to the different opinions of every person who reads it.

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