The Paradise Project Negotiation

Post-Negotiation Analysis For The Paradise Project In this case, I was playing the role of chief project manager of the Paradise Project, and I was negotiating with my Manager of Artistic Design (Angel) and Manager of Client Contracts and Customer Relations (Elion) in order to resolve the conflict between each of them. Overall, I was satisfied with the final agreement, which paid 3,000 more pesos to Angel and ensured that he would change the color of the tiles and finish the job before the deadline.

Essay Example on Negotiation Case

At the same time, Elion would be helping him get the work done. Because we were able to reach a mutually satisfying agreement, I would like to analyze three aspects of our negotiation process; how I implemented it as a chief manager, what I learned from it, and how I can improve my negotiating skills in the future to achieve even better results. First of all, because I was playing the role of chief manager of the project; I assumed that I should be the one that controls the meeting.

Therefore, I set up a brief outline for this negotiation before we met each other, and tried to keep our discussion organized. I think this was one of the significant factors that helped me steer the whole meeting toward my target outcome. Secondly, I didn’t spend too much time talking, instead, I spent lots of time asking them questions and listening carefully to their responses. I believe that nobody likes being asked to do something, but people usually like to provide ideas about how to do something.

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Third, during the meeting, I tried to encourage the other participants to provide their own solutions. Although some of their proposals weren’t feasible, I didn’t reject them outright, at least not at first. I pointed out the difficulties and allowed them to rethink. In fact, by employing these three strategies as a manager, I achieved a deal that was close to my target outcome, even better than my BATNA. After the meeting, I figured out that I made the mistake of treating both Elion and Angel as subordinates on the same level as each other.

In fact, as a manager of client contracts and customer relations, Elion should have a closer relationship to me because it’s both of our jobs to get the project done and satisfy our clients. For Angel, the artistic value of his work is most important. Therefore, I should have considered each individual’s relationship towards me more clearly so that I could control the negotiation process even better. In addition, I figured out finding common interests amongst each party are crucial for finding a mutually agreeable solution.

Angel was confident about his design. If I wanted him to change his color choice, I would have needed to convince him that changing his design doesn’t necessarily mean that he made a bad choice, only that it is a client request. Even though I reached an agreement efficiently, I still need to improve my negotiation skills. First, I should have been able to consider if there is another option besides of changing the color. For example, the option of keeping the color, and then convincing our client to accept it.

Second, I could have been more aggressive during the meeting in order to save as much money as possible. Because I am the chief manager, and any extra cost will directly create a negative effect on my supervisor’s evaluation of me. To sum up, participating in this case gave me an opportunity to understand how a chief manager should perform in a negotiation process. By reviewing the result, I have learned I considered more clearly each party’s relationship towards me, and I should been more aggressive during the meeting to purse them. I am looking forward to the next one.

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