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Jane Eyre Essay Jane Eyre, a Gothic novel by Charlotte Bronte, tells a story of a beauty and a beast. Jane Eyre grows up an orphaned girl in Victorian England who does not know love in her cruel aunt’s household; after a few years her aunt sends her to a school where they abuse Jane further. After spending eight years as a student of Lowood and two as a teacher, she takes a nanny position where she meets Mr. Rochester, and sparks begin to fly.

Bronte divides Jane’s story into three significant sections, which have a different effect on Jane’s life as seen at Gateshead, Lowood, and Thornfield .

Jane’s spends her early life in the clutches of her aunt in Gateshead, a house that Jane experiences most of her loveless years in. After leaving the merciless Gateshead, Jane comes to Lowood School expecting little, but while there she begins to experience her first taste of love, mixed with unkindness from the insufferable Mr.

Brocklehurst. Having learned and endured much, Jane arrives at Thornfield looking forward to her next life of servitude; however, while at Thornfield, her life takes a turn for the better, finally granting her the happiness she deserves all these years.

Gateshead, Lowood, and Thornfield have a significant role in Jane Eyre’s life, they all impact her as a person importantly, each in a different way. Gateshead hosts an unloving family that do nothing but hurt Jane, Lowood is a school that practices rigid and harsh rules but allows Jane to experience love for the first time, and Thornfield has the biggest impact on Jane, giving her to have a happy ending.

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Jane Eyre, an abused, neglected, unloved orphan sent to three very different places over the course of her predominantly unhappy life; each place affects her greatly, and each for an extremely different reason.

Settings In Jane Eyre

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