Successful Organization in the Field of Biotechnology

The following sample essay on a successful biotechnology organization is Faboil Ltd. To read the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Faboil Ltd is a successful organisation in the biotechnology field. The paternal approach is the most important factor for the success of credit for the company. At present, the monopoly position of Faboil Ltd has slowly eroded away and faces two competitors. The major causes are that the new products have failed to live up to market expectations and its modus operandi technology is at a backward stage.

There are some conflictions in the coordination between departments.

When Dr Brownlow believed that selecting Brenda Frame and Judith Smythe is a smart move, Richard and Fred were both negative about the course and suggested that no long-lasting benefits would be achieved. Purchasing team and sales and marketing team involved in the working parties of Brenda, but Richard adamantly refused to yield on the matter. This report will find the causes of problems in the company and give practical ideas and resolutions.

2. Richard’s Managerial Roles Henir Fayol defined management as consisting of five main activities, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling.

Planning includes defining goals, establishing strategy, and developing plans to coordinate activities. Organising includes determining what tasks are to be done, who is to do them, how the tasks are to be grouped, who reports to whom, and where decision are to be made. Commanding is telling people what should be done. Coordinating involves determining the timing and sequencing of activities so that they mesh properly, allocating the appropriate proportions of resources, times and priority, and adapting means to ends.

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Controlling is the process of monitoring performance, comparing it with goals, and correcting and significant deviations.

Richard did not act well in organizing. He didn’t allocate the work appropriately because he gave Carole the major portion of workload which Carole could not cope. He did not act well in coordinating. When there drove a wedge between Carole and Joanne, as a director, Richard didn’t come to solve the problem, and he has not keep friendly relationship with other department. He also did not act well in commanding. He didn’t tell clearly to Carole what should to do, which is mislead Carole and makes her become disillusioned and angry with Richard and Joanne.

Henry Mintzberg’s research divided ten management roles into three groups which are interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles. Interpersonal roles include figurehead, liaison, leader; informational roles include monitor, disseminator and spokesperson; decisional roles include entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator. In the figurehead, Richard didn’t act well in the whole company, the relationship with other department is not friendly, and the internal work allocating is not appropriately.

In liaison, he couldn’t interact well with other department. Richard also did not act well in disseminator, he didn’t transmits the information to the subordinates. On several occasions, Carole had made decisions which had to be changed due to lack of information. He also did not well in resource allocator, he didn’t gave the appropriate work to the right people. 3. Problems Resulted from Carole’s Inassertiveness She didn’t understand herself enough so that she did not really want to admit that she was unable to cope with these works.

And she had unreal expectation to other people, and genuinely liked to please everyone by doing as much as she could to ensure that no-one could criticise the quality of her input. What’s more, she was lack of effective communication, her decisions which had to be changed due to lack of information and communication from other stakeholders, and she decided to feedback her problem after one month of extra workload. She should study to say no. When Richard allocated work to her, she should tell him her specialized subject and it is useful for leader to allocate works to her.

She should to state her basic assertion to stand up for her rights. When she get problems in the work, she should immediately feedback to leader and not continue working without any straightforward statement. She also should study to broke record. She can use this when refusing unreasonable request and not please everyone by doing excessive working. 4. Conflict of Carole and the Resolution Conflict is process which begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affect, something the first party cares about.

There is a conflict between Carole and Joanne. It belongs to the interpersonal conflict. Carole asked Joanne to take over the network analysis because she thought it is Joanne‘s specialism and is from a moral point of view, but Joanne refused to take on the additional workload because she thought that she is carrying out what Richard asked of her. The sources of conflict in working place include different goals, different time frames, different relationship, unequal power distribution, unclear roles & responsibilities and limited resources. The cause for the conflict of Carole is the different goals.

The incorrect authority of Richard leads to the vague of working role, and in a great degree leads to the conflict. The consequence is that reducing personal and organizational performance, damaging to physical and emotional well-being, increasing the high stress levels and poor attitudes to work and harming the personal and working relationship between each other. Dealing with conflict can include ignoring the conflict, allowing the conflict continue, reducing or containing the conflict, resolving the conflict and preventing the conflict in the first place.

Carole should enforce the communication with Joanne, and they can hold a meeting to resolve the problem. 5. Time Management Techniques to help Carole Time management is about our use of time in relation to what we want to achieve. Typical time stealers are that searching for things or people, longer travel time, correcting mistakes, doing unnecessary activities, interruptions, changing priorities, unable to say “no”, waiting, clutter, procrastination. Carole had made decisions which had to be changed due to lack of information and communication from other stakeholders. It is time stealers of correcting mistakes.

She is doing unnecessary activities because she received too much workload which she was unable to cope. She is unable to say no. And there is a time waster of interruptions for her. The post-it notes kept by staff interrupted her working. She should set priority by urgency and importance and confirm her work. And she should plan and schedule time to avoid interruption and in a great degree to reduce the post- it notes on her desk. She should do necessary work first and other matters can be solved at coffee break. She also should manage stress. Too much stress will reduce the working effectiveness.

She can join in some activities to relax herself and it can help her to increase working effectiveness. 6. Stress Management Stress arises when individuals perceive that they cannot cope with the demands being made on them or with threats to their well-being. Behavioural signs of stress include aggression, withdrawal, difficulty in concentrating, moody, nervous shake and restlessness. Physical signs of stress include the elevated heart rate, palpitations, high blood pressure, sweating, skin disorders, stomach and bowel movement problems, plain, sleeplessness, headaches, cold hands and shortness of breath.

Emotional signs of stress include weepy, depression, lack of interest, negative self talk, loss of concentration and fuzzy perception. Carole could not work effectively with Joanne and Ian. She was dejected and unconcentrated and also experiencing recurrent headaches. They are the signs of stress. There are a variety of mechanisms that can be used to manage stress. Avoidance of stressors which is to identify what particular stressors we are affected by and seek to remove or avoid them. Adaptive behaviours are techniques such as time management and assertiveness.

Adaptive physical response which is to improve the diet, take more exercise and try to relax. Adaptive thinking and emotional response is changing how we view a situation by positive thinking and changing our “self talk”. Drinking excessive glasses of wine to help to unwind is not the correct approach to deal with stress. Carole should gain her control of time and take effective communication with workmates. After work she should have a good rest and eat for health. And she should find practical ways to relax, such as meeting with friends and cultivating personal interests.

When dealing with stress in others, we should recognize signs of stress in others, identifying causes of stress in others and find appropriate ways to deal with the stess. Joanne had been off work and was suffering from a migraine and stomach bug due to the conflict. Carole and Joanne should deal with the conflict with each other. Calore didn’t have the authority to take over the network analysis to Joanne. She should negotiate with Richard and ask Richard to allocate to Joanne, because Richard is the leader and has the power to allocate work to subordinates. . Conclusion The core problem is lack of effective communication. Richard acted as the director of the company did not act well in the management activities of organizing, coordinating and commanding. And he also did not act well in the manager roles of figurehead, liaison and resource allocator. And he also has problem in giving authority to subordinates. The key factor leaded to his problem is that he didn’t have sufficient and effective communication with his staff and workmates.

Based on increasing communication with other staff, Richard should allocate work according to different staff’s specialism and not give all the work to one subordinate. He should solve the conflict between staff immediately and he also should take care of keeping good relationship with other department. And when commanding works, he should express clearly what should be done. And he also should transmit information into the organisation in time. Carole had a pool time management. It in a great degree affected her work effectiveness. There was a high stress on her due to the conflict between her and Joanne.

These problems were also caused by the poor communication. When Richard allocated work to her, she should tell him her specialized subject. When she got problems in work, she should immediately feedback to leader and not continues working without any straightforward statement. She also should refuse unreasonable request and not please everyone by doing excessive working. She should enforce the communication with Joanne, and they can hold a meeting to resolve their conflict. And she also should enforce her time management and find correct way to deal with stress.

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