Louis Vuitton Consumer Behaviour

Essay Example on Louis Vuitton Consumer Behaviour

This assignment is to be completed and submitted in Week 5 (your lecturer will advise the date) You are to identify a well-known product on the market. It can be a foodstuff, clothing, alcohol of soft drink, even a model of car, a holiday destination, etc. You are to identify the target market that the company who puts the product out into the market sells to. Then undertake research to analyse who that target market is.

Who is the target market? How is the product linked to the target market?

Essay Example on Louis Vuitton Consumer Behaviour

Consider the individual, social and lifestyle influences on that target that is linked to the product (good and/or service) What changes has there been in the market that has impacted on the company, the product and the way that the product is marketed Would you, based on your findings that the organization reacts quickly to market changes? You must support your opinion based on evidence (that evidence must be attached to your assignment as an appendix) What is the “focus of appeal” that is applied as the marketing strategy?

This assignment is to be submitted in a report-format and in the following structure using APA (or Harvard) style.

HACB Analyse Consumer Behaviour Group Assignment v1. 2 Aug 2009 Page 2 BSB40207 Certificate IV in Business ____________________________________________________________ _________________________________ Marking and report format 1. Research evidence 2. Target market 3. Individual, social and lifestyle influences 4. Market changes 5. Your findings/opinions 6. The “focus of appeal” 7.

Report presentation (layout) (15 marks) (5 marks) (10 marks) (5 marks) (10 marks) (10 marks) (5 marks) The report should consist of; Header page Contents page Executive summary (an overview of the report) Body (of report) Conclusion/final summary References (must be clearly identified in the body of report and in the reference list) Appendices (any attachments, must also be noted in the body of the report) Note: Presentation of report relates to how the hard-copy report is laid out.

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HACB Analyse Consumer Behaviour Group Assignment v1. 2 Aug 2009 Page 3

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Louis Vuitton Consumer Behaviour
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