Academic Excellence Guarantees A Successful Life

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VIVIEN KHOR WEI WEN H3P5 Academic excellence guaranteees a successful life. Do you agree? Human beings are creatures than can be influenced easily,they tend to follow what others are practising. The current world has defined that people should be judged based on their academic excellence, and it has caused an obligation among people to strive towards academic excellence due to the higher demands of top achievers in the career world.

However, most of us have neglected the fact that academic excellence is not the sole factor to determine one’s future.

What is the use of academic excellence when the person does not even possess the knowledge of basic living and surviving skills? Henceforth, I staunchly disagree with the statement that academic excellence guarantees a successful life because basic living skills , disicpline and also the maturity of a person determines his or her survival in the rat-race world.

To elucidate explicitly,we first have to know what lies in the phrase ‘basic living skills’.

Basic living skills are fundamental skills that humans need and have to pick up in order to support themselves in terms of their well-being. They are one of the prime factors that determines one’s success. To be precise, basic living skills comprise skills like cooking,doing housechores,repairing some simple electrical appliances,and much more.

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Henceforth ,basic living skills are essential in human’s lives because they act as the assistants for homosapiens to cope with life.

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Academic excellence doesn’t guarantee that you are actually a versatile and systematic person. It only tells the world that this particular person is smart and this person,is eligible to be in the intelligent cliques. Coming to realisation,the government has actually made some changes in its education system by adding in Basic Living Skills as one of the compulsory subjects in schools in order to expose the students towards mastering basic living skills. This has once again proven that basic living skills play an important role in everybody’s life.

We do not deny that academic excellence is important,but it is not the sole factor to guarantee one’s success in the future. A person who maters basic living skills are more systematic and creative when it comes to problem solving circumstances as they learn from their past experiences , but not from the books. In contrast,when a person pays his attention only on academic excellence,he might be able to answer complex mathematics questions and aces in his examinations, however there is a big possibility that he doesn’t even know how to change a bulb.

Thus, to climb up the staircase towards success, the first step is to master basic living skills. Moving on,people nowadays are indoctrinated with the mentality of to be outstanding,academic excellence comes first. Well,yes. All of us think the same way,academic excellence actually promises a higher salary,a better working environment, and of course a pretigious job too. However,most of us do not realise that the indoctrination of this mindset has actually caused a rupture in mentality of the people,especially teenagers ,who are the future backbones of the country.

Rather than focusing on their own character building,students nowadays tend to insert maximum attention towards their studies ,which consequently has affected their discipline. By just flipping throught hr newspaper, we can see a cornucopia of reports and articles which are centered towards this issue. There are a lot of excellent students out there who get expelled from school due to their serious disciplinary problems. And thus, to gain success, we have to first discipline ourselves whilst acing in the examinations as success comes from discipline.

Ironically, if disciplined people don’t exist, there might be much more crime in the white-collared career world, which will lead to the downfall of the country. Looking at this issue from a different perspective, the maturity of a person is also one of the other key role that determines one’s success, apparently, it is more important than academic excellence. Maturity refers to the way of how people deal with things and accept life the way it is. For instance, a matured people would perceive difficulties and putting it into practice, because he or she knows that it is the best way of solving the problem.

However ,an immature people would just practically give up and blame everyone for the unfortunate encounters. Try flipping through the pages of your newspaper, there is always news reporting about the suicide of an academically excellent student due to the failure of coping with study stress and peer pressure. This has clearly shown that scholars nowadays are too narrow minded and pessismistic when problems arise as they lack of exposure in life due to the long hours of studying to obtain academic excellence for the sake of leading a successful life in the future.

However, they have totally neglected the fact thatthey themselves,need to go out and see things and gain knowledge which would help them to deal with problems in life in the future. There is a saying goes, “ If you fail to plan, you plan to fail “. To guarantee a successful life, good plannings are essential in order to make things flow systematically. To plan well, you first need to have a matured mind. As an analogy, academic excellence is the lock towards a successful life, but the key that unlocks it is the maturity and mentality of a working adult.

Henceforth , maturity definitely plays a more important role in determining a successful life compared to academic excellence. As a versatile person, we need to be aware that academic excellence is not everything in life. Failing in exams does not mean that you are going to fail in life. There are more things outside to be explored compared to the thick reference books, so why not give yourself a chance to explore the world and build up your own character and morality in order to become a better person.

Academic excellence does play an important role in life, but there are a few more elements that we need to focus on in order to gain a successful life. In other words, a successful life is determined from many aspects as each and every elements of life contributes to the success of a person. Academic excellence can only guarantee a brighter future, but not necessarily a successful life, as it can only be achieved when a person is versatile, discipline and owning a matured mind. Henceforth , humans need to open up their minds and try to look at life in a different scope,if they are strong-willed enough to achieve a successful life.

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