If I were Education Minister of India

Its always been my dream to be the Education Minister of India. In my capacity, I would try to reform the education system, because I firmly believe that the future of the country rests on the shoulders of the students. My first step could be to make primary education compulsory for one and all in rural areas. I would motivate families to send their children to school by giving them incentives. I would bring out schemes wherein the poorest of the people will be able to study.

If a student is unable to pay for his fees, I would get corporates to sponsor their education. I would make it compulsory for every Minister of the Union or State to sponsor at least one underprivileged child’s education. Secondly, I would change the manner of education. I would make education more updated and in sync with the times. I would make it more practical rather than it being theoretical. A student would be given the choice of studying a subject that he likes rather than imposing anything on him.

I would make social activities and sports a part of the curriculum and ensure that no child is deprived of these subjects.

Finally, I would ask all schools to assess a student on the basic of an overall yearly performance rather than one isolated examination. Que : Better to wear out that to rust out [ Mar – 98 ] Ans : Proverbs are great teachers. When a hundred words fail, a few words in the form of a proverb make miracles.

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They pack a wealth of wisdom in a few welt chosen words like. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. The language of proverbs is generally simple. The above given proverb means that it is better to work hard and become tired than not to do any work and rust out.

It is an undoubted fact that hard work is the key to success. We cannot achieve anything without hard work. Right through the ages we find that great men and women the world over worked hard to achieve success. Edison worked twenty hours a day; and invested the electric bulb. The word ‘rest’ did not exist in Mahatma Gandhi’s dictionary. Indira Gandhi worked tirelessly for our nation. Even popular film stars and sportsmen, have had to work their way up. A person is idle his mind would be like a iron which is rusted. Now that piece of iron is of no use but if that iron piece was used and wears out, then to it would be of use.

A lily of a day which withers away in the evening is respected but not an oak tree which stands for hundreds of years. This means that those who are idle are not wafted by the society. No one finds them useful. If you want to fulfill your ambitions, work hard and wear out and do not frightened of failure. We must make full use of the talents and remember that success can only be achieved by hard work. Write a letter to your friend stating what changed your attitude towards mathematics. Ans: N Street Opp. Y Lane OPQ Dear Shyam, It has been long since I have heard from you.

Did you forget me? I wanted to share an enlightening experience with you. Do you remember the way I treated mathematics? As if it were my step-sister. But the encouraging story of the great mathematician, Ramanujan, had a deep impact on me and I started liking mathematics. In spite of being an Indian, he was honoured with top awards in England. Poverty never became a hindrance for his passion. He had to undergo many hardships to research on mathematics and even in trying conditions, he continued his study. All these have pumped in new energy in me.

I say to myself that if he could shine in such conditions, then even I could top the class which all the facilities I have at my disposal. Do share such experiences of you with me. Yours faithfully Suman Que : Work is Worship [ Mar – 99 ] Ans : Work is the best kind of worship. According to all great thinkers, God is present everywhere and at all times. It is much better to do one’s work well and thoroughly than to spend one’s days chanting hymns. We do not have to go to a temple to pray – we can do so while performing our humble day-to-day tasks. Indeed work itself is a form of prayer.

We should work for the upliftment of humanity and the betterment of mankind. God helps those who help themselves, and we can help ourselves, only if we work, not only to possess material things but to glorify God who made us. Our work should be useful and creative and should be alone for the progress of our society and nation. The best example we can give is ‘Mother Teresa’ who worked for upliftment of needy and poor. No work should be considered low, and no matter how humble it is, if it is for the benefit of the world it is worth doing. Whatever we do should enhance our own dignity and honour and make us better human beings.

Work is divine and it is also the most befitting way of worshipping god. We can earn the love of God by doing it with dedication. Que : India of my dream. Ans : India means culture and civilizations. Harappan civilization flourished on the banks of river Indus. India is not a vast mass of land, but it is a land of plains, mountains, rivers, villages etc. In ancient times, India was known as the land of plenty. Spices, silken clothes, cotton clothes, indigo were the items which made Europeans rich. Europeans came to India for trade and took away all these things to their country. India is a united country.

The habits and customs of people as well as their food and clothing were of a common pattern and style. Many universities were established. This shows that there was unity in diversity. Even after five decades of independence, India is facing with many problems. The government is trying to solve the problems. Terrorism has affected the economy of India. My dream about India is that the problems which we are facing now like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, terrorism, etc. will be got rid of. Every able man and woman will get work. The work will contribute to develop himself and the nation. The mind of the people will be strong without fear.

His wisdom will be used for the welfare of the country. There will not be any riots or war. Education will be free for all. Minds will be free form all superstitions, narrow-mindedness and blind belief. The growth of the population will be checked since people will be educated and everyone will have equal opportunities to choose the line of education. There will be social democracy as well as economic democracy. There will be pure air and water. Man will make use at solar energy, wind energy etc. for the welfare of the people. India will progress in the field of science. India will become the richest and number one country of the world.

There will be peace security for all in the country. Earlier it was said that India was a golden sparrow with its prosperity. I wish my dream of India comes true and progress and be prosperous. Que : Letter to the manager of a factory requesting permission for an industrial visit. Ans : New Komal High School, Naranpura A’bad – 13 7th February 2002 To, The Manager IFFCO, GIDC Road, Kalol. Sir, Being the General Secretary of the Students Union of our school, I am writing this letter to you on behalf of all my follow classmates. We are required to take up various projects and fieldwork.

As part of the same, I request you to grant us a permission for an industrial visit to your factory. Our batch will consist of around 25 students. Your permission will go a long way in educating students. Kindly let us know the day and time convenient to you. Awaiting a favourable reply. Yours faithfully, XYZ (Kormal High School) Que : Autobiography of a Pen Ans : Hi! I am one of the proud members of the Parker family. I was born three years ago, in a factory in the US. Later, I was taken through many tests and after my good health was verified, I was packed and shipped to India along with several of my friends.

Once in India, we all were separated, save for a few. I was sent to a big stationery store in Mumbai where every single customer stopped to have a second glance at me due to my shining presence. I was the center of attention. I know that I was the object of envy for many other pens. One day, a very rich man came to the store for shopping and his eyes fell on me. He couldn’t resist my charms and immediately bought me. Later I came to know that he was the creative director of Mumbai’s biggest ad agency. I was overjoyed to leave the dusty showcase of the store and join a man of importance. For the first five days, I lived a privileged.

I was used to sign all the documents, make ad copies and many of those ads were hits on the television. But all that ended one day, when his wife gifted him with another pen on his birthday. In a matter of days, I was given to the master’s driver. The driver’s soiled shirts and dirty tables robbed me of my sheen and his naughty children often dropped me causing my body to break. I was bandaged by a tape but I could never be my original self. A few days ago, the driver exhausted my ink and threw me into a corner of his house. Since then, I am rotting here, awaiting the next turn of fate.

Que : If Newspapers were Stopped [ Mar – 98 ] Ans : Newspapers play a very important role in our lives. We cannot imagine a single day without the newspaper at our doorstep in the morning. No matter how much of a hurry we are in, there is always time for a quick look at the headlines, which tell us at a glance what is happening all over the world. The forming of a new government, the winning or losing of a cricket match, an earthquake, an aeroplane crash, a train accident, the tragedies of a common man are all covered in the few sheets which comprise a newspaper.

There is hardly any aspect of life which is not covered by newspaper. Apart from news, it gives us valuable information in the forms of advertisements, notices and reviews. Newspapers bring awareness and consciousness to the literate public. If such valuable news media was stopped then what would happen. We cannot have any information about cricket match, government, or an accident. We will not get any information regarding any new product. People would be away from the world. They would be alone, cut off from the world. People of the world would not know each other.

We would go back to 13th or 14th century. Before new sea-route to India was discovered, Europeans did not know about Asians and Asians did not know about Europeans. Later on when trade began the people came in contact with each other. In the same way if newspaper were stopped people would be unaware of the new discoveries and inventions. It is a well established fact that newspapers are valuable – nobody can deny that. We should exercise our discrimination while reading the newspapers. Sometimes they are instrumental in instigating people to do wrong things.

In spite of television, newspapers are still the most effective and influential means of communication with the citizens of the world. Que : Write an application for the post of a clerk-cum-typist in a local factory of your town. Ans : 7, Anmol Appts, Nr. Shivranjani Satellite, A’bad 11th April, 2002 To, The Manager Neo Chem Industries, Vatva, A’bad Sub : Application for the Post of a Clerk-cum-Typist Sir, With reference to your advertisement in the TOI dated 9th April ’02, I would like to apply for the post of a clerk. I have an excellent typing speed of 59 WPM which is a necessary skill for the post.

I have the cleared my B. Com. with a First Class. I am also comfortable with computers and am well versed in MS OFFICE and the internet. I have enclosed my bio-data for further reference. I can assure you that if given a chance, I would work to the best of my abilities and provide good results. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, XYZ Que: Read the passage and answer the questions given below. It is no startling assertion to make, that poetry is beautiful, it is a claim that all would readily admit, especially those whose neglect of poetry is as complete as their regard for beauty.

But once you have looked face to face upon the spirit of beauty, as it can be manifested in a great poem, you will never disregard it again. For it holds you by a charm which though invisible is stronger than all the chains by which men bind themselves to the material world. Success, money, position, these are to most men things to be desired above all others: they seek the comfort of their own bodies, the respect of their friends, self esteem, safety. But to the spirit these things may be fetter keeping it a prisoner in a world, which it despises.

Ambalal Sarabhai, his father, was a well-known industrialist. His mother, Saraladevi, was a staunch follower of Mahatma Gandhi. She was a great social worker. Vikram studied at home. After passing his matriculation examination, he studied in Gujarat College for sometime. Then he went to England for further studies. After returning to India, he worked under Sir C V Raman at the Institute of Science in Bangalore. He obtained his Ph. D. degree for his research on Cosmic Rays. He worked as a professor of Cosmic Rays at the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad. Later, he became its Director.


I am looking forward to your visit eagerly. Your Friend XYZ (C)Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below : The man came with the poison and said to Socrates, ”You have only to drink this, and walk about until your legs feel heavy, and then lie down and it will act itself. ”Socrates took the cup cheerfully, without trembling, and without any change of colour, and looked up at the man with that fixed glance of his, and asked, ”Shall I make an offering to the gods, from it? ” ”We only prepare so much as we think sufficient, Socrates,” he answered. ‘I understand”, said Socrates, ”I must pray to the gods that my journey hence may be prosperous : that is my prayer; be it so. ” With these words he put the cup to his lips and drank the poison calmly and cheerfully. Most of men present controlled their grief. But one of them burst into a loud cry.

Then all of them broke down except Socrates himself. ”What are you doing my friends? ” He exclaimed, ”I sent away chiefly in order that they might not offend in this way, for I have heard that a man should die in silence. So calm yourselves and bear up. ‘ The men were ashamed and ceased weeping. But he walked about, until his legs were getting heavy and then lay down on his back. Feeling left his legs; then heavier and heavier he was cold and stiff. And then Socrates himself said when it came to the heart he should be gone. After a short interval there was a movement.

Then, the ship will slowly be flooded and lives will be at danger and in no time, the ship will sink taking with it hundreds of lives. Thus, one’s carelessness can wreck havoc. Thus, it is always better to do things at the right time than ending up repenting over our idleness or carelessness. Q. 3 (A) Write an essay on any one of the following in about 200 words. 10 (1)The World of Tomorrow Ans: According to Dr. Radhakrishnan, the former President of India, “The whole world is a family”, it is a nest. We are the children of the same God and it should be our ideal to make the world one arge family of nations. To achieve this ideal, every man has to become a world citizen. To make our world the best – the man has to train himself to be ready to sacrifice his selfish interest for the happiness of others. He must become broad-minded. He must build up relations with men in other parts of the world and work with them for the establishment of world peace. The world is facing many problems – terrorism, unemployment, pollution, poverty, communalism, imperialism etc. The world of tomorrow will be free from all these problems, but man has to work for it.

Man will have to make sacrifices in order to inculcate in his own mind and in the minds of others. The sentiment, the spirit of universal brotherhood. He should concentrate on developing the spirit of cooperation. In tomorrow’s world everyone will be properly fed, will have proper job for everyone and shelter. Poverty will be abolished, everyone will be employed. The work will contribute not only for the welfare of the people but also for the overall development of a man. The feelings of hatred and revenge will be abandoned by the man and the feelings of love and compassion will take its place.

Unity will be achieved by developing the sentiment of universal brotherhood. He has to rise above his narrow selfish interests and concentrate on developing the spirit of co-operation to achieve the unity in the world. There will pure air, water, the pollution will be a past thing. Rivers and seas will be clean. There will not be any noise pollution. Man will make use of renewable source of energy. Education will be free for everyone. Everyone will have equal opportunities to select the line of education of one’s own liking. There will not be any caste differences.

There will be unity, peace & prosperity in the future. 2)Home, Sweet Home! Ans: Home, the most beautiful place on earth. Every person loves his home. Thomas Hood has said – “I remember, I remember The house where I was born, The little window where the sun, Came peeping in at morn. ” A child, when he grows up and raises his own family, but he does not forget his sisters and brothers where they have grown together. As I remember, I remember And where my brothers set, The lumberman on his birthday, The true is living yet. J. Howard Pahe said ‘Be it ever so humble there is no place like Home’. Mother contributes the most to make the home sweet.

Physical beauty is not real beauty unless it has an inner beauty. A person is handsome when he does some handsome deed. If a good-looking person is criminal then no one would like him. But instead of a criminal, he does good deeds like helping needy people, to help educational institutions, hospitals, though his wealth or by his service, he would be called a handsome person. Freedom fighters who sacrificed their life for the nation did good and handsome deeds. People appreciated their deeds. The beauty of the soul is shown of a person through his good and great thoughts, words and deeds.

Mahatma Gandhi, ordinary in appearance, was really very handsome. Handsome deeds are done good thoughts, words. Handsome thoughts makes a person to do handsome work so we can say that handsome is as handsome does. (2)What cannot be cured must be endured. Ans : Medical Science provides cure for most of the diseases. But some of them cannot be cured. AIDS is one of them. A patient suffering from an incurable disease should face life with courage and endurance. The person should judge his life as a gift of God and live the rest of his life with happiness.

Today the government spends a lot on finding a cure for AIDS. Medical professionals are also hopeful for finding a cure for incurable diseases. Only time will tell, when such a cure will be available, but the hope is still there. One has to live, till the time such a cure is available for general public. The person having an incurable disease should wait till a remedy is available. Friends, relatives should also support the patient to help him live the rest of his life with happiness. So we can say that ”What cannot be cured should be endured”.

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