Environmental Scan of Struck and Apple

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The following sample essay on Environmental Scan of Struck and Apple analyzes two companies, their strengths and weaknesses.

Struck is an organization that is known throughout the world with over 7,000 stores the relationship that is built with customers and employees are outstanding. Struck specialize in cold and hot coffee and smoothies for the health conscious customer. Some of the factors that can influence Struck internally and externally are competitors, customers. Suppliers, technological, environmental, and legislative. According to (e-imports.Com) coffee statistics show that Specialty coffee sales are increasing per year and account for nearly 8% of the 18 billion dollars U.


A coffee market with coffee shops set to exceed approximately 50,000 by the end of 2012. The tool that is used in the environmental scan is the SOOT analysis. Apple Inc. Is an American corporation that designs and sells consumer software, and personal computers. Apple has been the world’s second largest information company and third largest mobile company. Apple has 394 retail stores in fourteen countries as well as the online store and tunes store making it the second largest publicly traded corporation with an estimated value of 14 billion as of January 2013 (mew.


Some of the factors that influenced Apple internally and externally are the engagement a design of the development and marketing of personal computers and the employment of over 32,000 employees that make their business successful. Two Strengths of Struck; Apple Struck main focus is to provide quality products to their customers this business has grown from 55 stores to now over 1 7,000 stores worldwide.

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Their contribution to aiding the environment, healthy living drinks and recyclables has given awareness to communities worldwide.

Struck is known for superior services and products with leadership as the world’s largest coffee bean seller. Struck has the growth potential that will take them well into the future with their line of products. The number of locations allows Struck to reach a vast of the domestic market as well as the international with quick exposure to be new service. The Apple main focus is on research and development of new products for the consumer. The strength of the name of its brand can stand alone in the competitive world, giving a robust financial performance with each quarter.

Apple is a globalize recognized brand that focuses on high tech quality products like the pod, phone, pad, and the Mac with a large segment of their consumers being from diversified walks of life. With their retail store the revision of products and experiences that catches the eyes of both young and old has given parents and children the resources they need right at their fingertips. With a capitalization in marketing its revenue in 2010 was well over $220 billion, with a cutting edge of high definition of their products.

Weaknesses of Struck & Apple

One of the key weaknesses for Struck in the high prices for their products because of the ingredient pricing of the coffee bean with more than three quarters of their stores located in the United States it is argued that a portfolio is needed in other countries to spread business risk. With the reputation of creating and developing new products the vulnerability remains that their innovation may falter over time. With other companies offering coffee and other related services, excessive amount of money they spend for the quality of food and products that they sale.

Apple weakness has come from two failed products that did not launch a good return the cloud and the Apple TV did not profit well against the competition of Google. If Apple was to make devices that did not always require a USB cord this could change, customer retention and sales within the organization. With Steve Job not really getting social and not really giving the notability to the value of this type of networking could burn them in the long- run. Opportunities of Struck & Apple Struck opportunities consist of partnerships and global expansions.

In 2004, Struck partnered with Hewlett Packard allowing customers to create their own music CD making new products to enter into their retail stores and expand Fair Trade products. Four Placing products and joining with Apple, grocery stores, and other outlet facilities give Struck the opportunity to expand their services not just for him Struck location, but to other facilities that will use and sell their products. Apple opportunities consist of loyal customers that are willing to experience the new and innovative products that this organization produces.

With new products and the way the device works the production of change creates a well-received perception of the products that are offered through Apple. Apple can continue to move into areas that are not well served with standards set for production and quality. Threats of Struck & Apple The threats that challenge Struck are other companies developing reduces at a much lower price adding quality coffee to their menu to compete with Struck. With the world changing daily the threat of not knowing if the product of coffee will be around forever.

Like any other fad people grow out of it and tend to move on to something new. Because of the specialization of their industry and the dependency on supply factors and pricing this could hurt their business. The Threats that are faced from Apple is the copying of their product. The touchstones are being used with other phones and APS for other smart phones and devices are being developed. With high pricing for the products that Apple sale other companies are giving similar smart phones at a much lower price. According to (NASDAQ: AGOG) Google is moving into Apple’s space and it has announced that it will move into the TV space as well.

How Do Struckapple Creates Value and Sustain Competitive Advantages?

Struck needs to boost up their advertisement approach by heightening their efforts to convince people that their brand is still the best worldwide. According to (unconscionable.Com) McDonald’s mocks the overrated Struck. If education is presented to the public about the quality of coffee ND the premium pricing that is being paid customers could have a different opinion about the services they receive and the product from this company.

With diversified channels not solely relying on employee-customer relationships, but advertisements through media, video, internet and sales a new strategy could lead this organization back in the right direction. Apple seems to know what the customer wants and what keeps them excited and execute on what they want. Their value is sustained by the product logo that is printed on each product that is created for this organization. This is one of the best competitive advantages that are used in the advertisement industry.

The logo according to (Ender, 2004) is not meant for the owner of the product, but for other consumers who want to know how well the product works. With consumers satisfaction rates at the top of the chart Apple has created loyalty and value to their consumers. Five What measurement guidelines are each company using to verify their strategic effectiveness? The measurement guidelines that are used by Struck still remain the same the value of the customer and the relationship between the immunities is greatly valued.

In producing social, environmental, and economic measurements, local communities benefit from programs that bring awareness to the customer. According to (Schultz) the guiding principles are to provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect, to embrace diversity, apply high standards in purchasing and delivering products, and to recognize the profitability to the success of their future. The measurement guidelines that are used by Apple are the loyalty to the consumer. A store that is created specifically for the customers that use their Rand and music downloads that is user friendly.

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Environmental Scan of Struck and Apple
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