Boost Juice Pestle Analysis

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This created an advantage in Boost’s marketing process. Weather: Australia has long, dry and hot summer. Fresh and cool Boost juice is highly preferred in weather like this. Competitive situation analysis (1 ) Competitors Direct competitors I Indirect competitors I Viva Fusion; Pulp Juice;Kick Juice Bar;And other juice bars. Sell bottle juice;Smoothies retail sellers;Low fat yoghurt retail sellers.

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(2) Porter’s five forces (3) Competitive advantage Boost is in a monopolistic competition with target market of young Stores Australians.

Although Boost is growing faster and bigger than its competitors, it still need to be aware of them. Boost’s greatest advantage is its friendly relationship with customers, including good service at the branch, fun web page targeting young buyers and the “Boost guarantee” which encourages customers to give feedbacks. Company analysis (1) Mission statement Objective 1 : to become the leading company in juice bar industry; Objective 2: to make Boost “a global phenomenon” (Boost juice bar 2011 (2) Company resources Financial strength: Boost has its advantage in the low cost production and invention.

It also has made an agreement with Riverside Company in which Riverside becomes Boost’s overseas investor.

With Riversides Asian fund, Boost’s expansion into international market is fully supported. Production capability and flexibility: shortage in fruit supply due to nature disaster is a gig threat to Boosts production. Besides that, Boost’s production is very flexible that can suit all customers’ requirement. Marketing strength: Boost’s major marketing strength is provided by its brand.

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It understands young customers need and want hence present them a wide menu of juice and smoothies.

The low cost of worker’s training also puts Boost in an advanced position. SOOT Strengths: Well-known brand;Low cost of operation and production;Low price;High profitability;Good reputation as healthy food provider;Short production process;Love requirement of staff skill;Owning cultural preference. Weakness:Highly relies on supply chain;No price advantage. Opportunities: Healthier life style trend in Australia;Partnership with Riverside;Succeed overseas operations. Threats: Relies on seasonal factor too much;Open market allows more competitors to entry;Hard to take market share from other countries’ local brand.

Conclusion Overall, Boost owns a stable position in fruit juice and smoothies market. The macro environment is mostly friendly to the company and allows it to grow freely. Its competitive position is positive. Although facing a market thick of competitors, Boost seems to be able to hold its place.

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