Egg Drop Physical Experiment Essay

In our physic class we did an egg drop experiment. We used some vocabulary words to answer the question also did formulas to solve some problems. The question that we are referring to is “will an egg break or be secured”. Our idea was to secure the egg from breaking and we wanted to design something that would provide a lot of cushioning directly on the egg. So we came up with many different ideas until we chose the one that would fit right in with our ideas.

The way we used our ideas to come up with his amazing egg drop project was first we found a capsule that would absorb energy rather then bell it with more force.

Course of Experiment

We got a soft NEAR football, cut it into half. Then we cut out some space to fit the egg and tired back together with lawn string, but before putting it back together we covered the egg with one piece of paper towel sot that It will be a little secured.

After finishing up the project we did a test run to see if it works without the egg breaking and it worked out perfectly the way we wanted it to be. When we finished testing our hypothesis came out to be that the football absorbs the shock and doesn’t let the egg feel the shock of it dropping. Last step to our experiment was the calculations and the formulas.

For this project we used about three formulas and they were the gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy also the force = mass* accelerations.

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Before we start explain I will let you know that the height where the egg is been dropping is 1 1. 5 meters. Therefore the reason why we used the gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy was because when the egg is dropped from some height the gravitational potential energy of the egg is conserved. After calculating the formula for kinetic energy we found out hat the velocity or how the speed is increasing as it drops is 15. 1 m/s. Then we used the f=ma and in that formula we already knew what are acceleration was and it was 9. 8 m/s and the mass after weighting the football it was .

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Egg Drop Physical Experiment Essay
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