Effective Guidelines for an Excuse Letter

Generally, excuse letters are written when students miss their classes/schools or when company employees take a leave without informing their employer. This letter provides an explanation of their leave or the reason why they miss the school. The absence of an employee or a student can be because of numerous personal reasons. For instance, the person took a leave because of illness or they simply got tired of going through same tedious routine and wanted to take an intentional break from work.

Essay Example on What Is An Excuse Letter

At some point in your life, you also have to turn in an excuse letter to the school or company to explain them the reason of your intentional leave. Although excuse letters are mostly given after the leave has taken place but sometimes it can also be given before taking the voluntary absence.

In case if a student has taken an intentional leave and asked to submit an excuse letter, then usually their guardians will have to compose a brief and to the point absence note which passes on their reason for the absence to the principal.

If the person has taken a leave because of a prolonged illness, then a doctor’s medical certificate would suffice for an absence note.

Importance of an Excuse Letter

Writing an excuse letter is a very important job as it reflects the commitment of the individual to the job and show that they are devoted to fulfilling their professional life responsibilities. Moreover, it also signifies that the individual comprehends the importance of time and is committed to completing his/her pending tasks.

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An excuse letter clearly indicates to the recipient the earnestness and commitment of the individual to his/her work.

Let us see some effective guidelines that will definitely help you with writing a professional excuse letter.

Guidelines of Writing an Excuse Letter

Composing an excuse letter is a task that should not be taken lightly. The letter should be an appealing one and it should also give a professional look.

– Excuse letters should be printed on clean and good quality papers.

– Start your excuse letter by mentioning the proper date. Just like any other letter, the name of the sender and the recipient is mentioned on the left hand side of the excuse letter.

– The name of the recipient, the person to whom the letter is being sent, will be written right after writing the date. For instance,

April 12, 2013
Mr. Anderson, or The Principal

– In case if the excuse letter is intended to send to the principal of the school, the name of the guardian or sender will be mentioned unless the student is above 18 years old.

– Although it is not necessary but you may write a heading or a subject that mentions what the letter is about.

– Once the upper section of the letter is finished, come to the body of the letter. Remember that excuse letters are succinct, therefore, do not write the whole story instead mention only the reason of the absence in a line or two.

– Conclude the excuse letter with something like yours truly or yours sincerely.

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Effective Guidelines for an Excuse Letter
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