WW II Dunkirk Battle Analysis Paper

Joe LeggioReaction Paper Mr. CorsoUnc. Valor Hitler, as a great leader of his country was not a great Commander. He had several blunders that ultimately led to his defeat. One of the major blunders that Hitler made was allowing the British to escape from Dunkirk. This gave the British army the boost it needed to win the war. Before the escape from Dunkirk British citizens thought the worst for its country. After the British were not able to defend France any longer, they had to fall back into a port on the Atlantic called Dunkirk.

Hitler’s Mistakes During the Battle

Instead of releasing the Panzers to garantee the the extermination of the British, Hitler ordered their halt and ordered that the Luftwaffe strafe the channel. Hitler was convinced by one of his generals that the air fleet can handle the job, which was another great blunder of Hitler. If Hitler would have took advantage of his ground forces and sent them into Dunkirk, it would have thwarted the attempt of the escape and possibly change the outcome of the war.

While Hitler turned and focused on the Russians, Britain took advantage of his neglection.

They sent of thousands of water transport ships to bring home tens of thousands soldiers hoem each day until it was entirely evacuated. If had Hitler would have used Panzer’s, the outcome of the war would have been extremely different. “England would not longer be with a military to defend the homeland, which could then be invaded easily.

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The major reason for England’s survival as a nation was the leadership of Winston Churchill. Documents show that Churchill had lost the favor of his Cabinet and Parliament.

If his army was destroyed, he could have possibly been replaced by Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, who was in favor of peace with the Germans. If a peace was created between Germany and England it would have discouraged America’s involvement in the European Theater. Great Britain was America’s only remaining ally in Europe, and if Great Britain was at peace or collaborating with the Germans, no reason for the U. S to jump in. ” With Britain being conquered, Hitler could have not fought at two fronts and focused his ultimate military power towards one specific coutnry,

Russia. The climax of the war was at Stalingrad. If Hitler was able to conquer Stalingrad everything would ahve been different. Russia could have been immobilized and not functional. With Russia out of the picture Hitler would have the total rule over Europe. If he controlled Europe it would be hard for any one army to defeat him. At the later stages of the war the German’s would suffer major defeats from the rejuvinated British army. “The major two were the battles of El Aliamien and the D-Day invasion of Normandy.

The battle of El Aliamien, in Africa, was the first major defeat of Rommel’s Afrika Corp. British tank Commander Montgomery was able to push the German’s out of Africa and ruin their chances of a Middle Eastern empire. This indefinately leads to the allied invasion of Italy. ” The D-Day invasion was one of the great invasions of the war. Though everyone suffered from many casualties, the allied forces were able to open up two seperate fronts and ultimately defeat Germany.

The invasion was able to work because Hitler did not have his focus on it. If he planted a few tanks and had more ground forces the invasion would have failed and nobody knows how life would be today. You can trace almost every great blunder form Hitler back to the Dunkirk Mistake. It had a huge part in the fall of Hitler and his ultimate suicide.


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WW II Dunkirk Battle Analysis Paper
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