Dividend Policy and Investor Expectations

Topics: Economics

Dividend policy is the complex of decisions aimed at the payment of the dividends to the investors of a company. It is natural that every investor expects to receive his own part of the dividend and this sum should be calculated objectively in order to satisfy both the investor and the owners of the corporation. There are different types of investors and everyone wants to receive his part of the dividend on time. According to the importance and priority of payment investors are divided into several categories: premium and other investors.

Every corporation who wants to pay their investors back and support its prestige tries to pay everything on time in order to attract the richer investors and involve their capital into the development of the corporation.

Of course, dividends have to be paid in the professional and sober way. One must remember about the priority of payment and evaluate the company’s finance in the objective way. It is natural, that when there is a crisis, it is not wise to pay back the dividends, because there is a risk of bankrupting.

The same thing is the rate of profit and expenditures. It the company is in the period of wasting more finance than earning it, the investors are prohibited from the taking their money back, because it can cause harm to the company and its success. The dividends must be paid according to the special theories and formulas created by the reputed economists. Every share has its own market price and the investor has to be paid to the objective price when the situation on the market, the price of currency and the price of the share are taken into consideration.

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Dividend Policy and Investor Expectations
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