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Practical Experiment Report 11-11-2013 Introduction This experiment was designed to investigate and compare the rates at which different aspirin tablets dissolve in both Water (H20 [representing saliva]) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCI [representing the stomach’s acid]). The amount of Water and Hydrochloric Acid will be kept constant between tablets, and tests. Aim To investigate and compare the rates at which different Aspirin Tablets dissolve. The different kinds of Aspirin tablets are: Enteric Coated Tablets Capsules Regular Tablets Dissolving Tablets.

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Each tablet will be dissolves in both Water and Hydrochloric Acid (representing saliva and stomach acid respectively).

Hypothesis The Enteric Coated tablet will remain undissolved in both water and Hydrochloric Acid as the coating is designed to remain undissolved until reaching the small intestine. The dissolving tablet will dissolve the fastest in both water and Hydrochloric Acid as this tablet is designed to quickly dissolve in liquid. The capsule will soften but not completely dissolve in the water, however will dissolve in the Hydrochloric Acid.

The Tablet will slowly dissolve in water, however more rapidly in

Hydrochloric Acid – however loosely comparable to the dissolving tablet. Equipment Water 2M Hydrochloric Acid Test Tubes or Beakers Stopwatch 2 x Aspirin Enteric Coated Tablets 2 x Aspirin Capsule 2 x Regular Aspirin Tablets 2 x Dissolving Aspirin Tablets Safety Glasse (Recommended) Gloves for handling Hydrochloric Acid Safety Precautions 2M Hydrochloric Acid will burn both skin and clothing Always wear eye protection while handling Hydrochloric Acid Avoid contact with Hydrochloric Acid. If in contact with skin, rinse off with copious amounts water (Recommended) Wear Gloves while handling Hydrochloric Acid 1.

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Collect equipment mL of Water and Hydrochloric Acid into separate beakers or test tubes 3. 2. pour Add a single type of tablet to each beaker or test tube and start stopwatch 4. Record changes in liquid throughout the dissolving process (opacity, colour, bubbles or fizzing) and record total time taken to dissolve tablet 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each kind of tablet. Results Tablet Changes Observed Time Taken to Dissolve (seconds) Hydrochloric Acid Enteric Coated Tablet Regular Tablet Dissolving Tablet Capsule Discussion Discussion of the results How this experiment could be made to relate more to the human body

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Which Liquid Dissolves Aspirin The Fastest
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