Coke And Mentos Experiment

Diet Coke and Mentos: An Experimental Study Abstract This paper describes an experiment to determine whether the diet Mountain Dew contain Phosphoric Acid or not. This experiment was held at Green River Community College (GRCC) in Auburn, Washington on May 12. 2009 at 10:30 a. m. The temperature was 52 F. In this experiment, mentos caused a eruption in a 2-liter bottle of Diet Mountain Dew erupted, thus we concluded that diet Mountain Dew did have Phosphoric Acid because it caused eruption with mentos being dropped in.

Introduction Diet Coke and Mentos, when mixed, will produce a violent reaction. Same as Test was performed, then rapid effervescence appeared and eruption occurred. When mentos were dropped into the diet Mountain Dew bottle, the similar reaction was also happened. The hypothesis to be tested by this experiment was that if mentos were mixed with Diet Mountain Dew, it will not produce an eruption because Diet Mountain Dew does not contain phosphoric acid. Materials and methods Materials: * Two 2L bottles of Big K diet cola.

One 2L bottle of diet mountain Dew. * Two packs of mint mentos. * A six-foot pole * A stop watch Methods: First step: Dropped 7 mentos into the first big K diet cola bottle and then recorded the time and height of the eruption.

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Second step: Dropped 3 mentos into the second big K diet coke bottle and then recorded the time and height of the eruption. Third step: Dropped 7 mentos into the third bottle (Diet mountain Dew. ) and then recorded the time and height of the eruption. Discussion

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The hypothesis said that mentos would cause an eruption in diet mountain Dew because Diet Mountain Dew contains phosphoric acid. The hypothesis was proved by this experience. However, the eruption produced by mentos mixed with diet Mt. Dew was substantially smaller than that with the Diet Big K coke. Table 1: Results of eruption between Mentos, Diet Cola, and MT. Dew. Bottles| Soda| # of Metos| Height| Length of time| First bottle| Big K Diet Coke| 7| 5 ft| 2 second| Second bottle| Big K Diet Coke| 3| 5. 5 ft| 4 second| Third bottle| Mountain Dew. | 7| 1. 5 ft| 4 second|

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Coke And Mentos Experiment
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