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Running header: Delta Plastic, Inc. (B) Delta Plastics, Inc. (B) Delta Plastics, Inc. (B) Introduction Have you taken the time to look at your plastic containers? Well, if you do there is a chance that your containers have flaws and defects that are noticeable to the human eye. There are defects that do not get in the way of using the containers but for quality purposes, it still is a defect. This paper will show a 3-sigma control chart for the production process for using the new and standard material.

The control chart will show if the processes are in control and if the materials are equally subject to defects.

According to Reid & Sanders (2010), the Pareto analysis is a technique that identifies quality problems based on the degree of importance. The defects that will decrease the reliability would be uneven edges and cracks. Scratches, air bubbles and the thick variation will affect the appearance of the product but will not limit the use.

Based on the number of defects that the new material has and it reliability it has been determined that the new material is out of control. Over 53% of the containers made fall over the either the control limit or upper control limit.

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This is not good for production so the product needs to go back through the design process. The stand material has about 40% of its containers that have defects that could be considered not reliable but the containers do not fall over the upper control limit. The standard material is in control but barely. Subject to defects Discuss whether or not both materials are equally subject to defects. Both materials are equally subject to defects. The company cannot choose the samples that for quality control. That would defeat the purpose for improving the product.

The new material should have a better quality because of the new super plastic being used to make the containers. If new super plastic is being used then much time and effort should be given when make the containers. The new material should be more reliable but it is not compare to the standard material. The standard material has 13% less defects than the new material on containers that are not reliable. | | | | | Action to take Given your findings, advise Jose on the action he should take. Based on the finding, Jose should look into using Kaizen’s total quality management approach.

According to Wienclaw (2008), this approach calls for a continuously search for improvement. Wienclaw also stated, “The key to doing this is through the application of statistical processes and tools in a search for better processes and improved quality. ” References Reid, R. D, & Sanders, N. R. (2010). Operations management: An integrated approach (4th ed. ). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. pp. 165. Wienclaw, R. (2008). Statistical Quality Control. (p. 1). Great Neck Publishing. Retrieved from Research Starters – Business database.

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