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This investigatory undertaking is bosom to the full dedicated to the dandy fever victims who suffered a batch because of mosquitoes. We want to widen our deeply concern to them through this Cow Manure:

Mosquito Repellent

On the other manus. we besides dedicate this undertaking who abide and back up us from the start until we finished this investigatory undertaking.

Statement Of The Problem About Mosquito Repellent


We would wish to admit the undermentioned individuals and associations who gave parts. motives. moral and fiscal support likewise the followers: Our households serve as our inspiration in this investigatory undertaking. Mr. Rodolfo Cassanova Jr. . our patient and understanding teacher who encourage us to endeavor harder for the improvement of our ain investigatory undertaking.

Chapter I
A. Introduction

Mosquitos are present everyplace. They are the chief bearer of dandy fever and malaria which cause to decease.

Every twelvemonth the rate of decease caused by dandy fever and malaria continue to acquire higher. Some of the ways of to forestall these are cleaning the environment and utilizing insect repellence that wholly wrecked the fatal defence of mosquitoes. Insect repellence is besides harmful to us. It is made of chemicals which bring to us in hazard. These chemicals affect the mosquitoes and even our wellness. So alternatively of good effects. the chemical repellence may take our wellness at hazard.

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That is why we came up to one intent. This is the ground why the research worker decides to do cow droppings as a mosquito repellant. There are commercially available mosquitos repellant in the market. The normally used commercial mosquito repellant in the Philippines is rather unaffordable and uses chemicals that may do annoyance. The research worker programs to utilize all natural ingredients in the cow droppings mosquito repellant in this survey. Since the ingredients or stuffs to be used are natural. the cow droppings mosquito repellant is made to be low-cost and easy to do and it is environment friendly.

This is study purposes to find the effectivity of Cow Manure as Mosquito Rod. and sought to reply the undermentioned inquiries ;

1. Make cow manure effectual as mosquito rod in footings of ;
a. Duration
b. Texture
c. Eco-friendly or Toxicity
2. Is there a important difference among the interventions in footings of ;
a. Duration
b. Texture
c. Eco-friendly or Toxicity
3. Which among the interventions held in footings of ;
a. Duration
b. Texture
c. Eco-friendly or Toxicity


This survey entitled Cow Manure: Mosquito Rod is good to the undermentioned forces ; a. Citizen. the merchandise of this survey will be a aid to forestall the broadening instances of dandy fever. and used a mosquito rod that is environmental friendly. B. Future Researchers. this survey will function as usher to for future research workers c. Government Official. the survey will steer them to cognize the effects of Cow Manure in the production of mosquito rod.


The survey Cow Manure ; Mosquito Rod was conducted at Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College located at Quirino. Tagudin. Ilocos Sur. The survey aims to find the effectivity of Cow Manure as Mosquito rod in footings of Duration. Texture and Toxicity.

Friedman Test will be the statistical tool used to find the important of each intervention. And Time and Prick trial will besides utilize to find the continuance and texture of the interventions


MOSQUITO- a slender leggy fly with aquatic larvae. The bite of the bloodsucking female can convey a figure of serious diseases including malaria and phrenitis. ROD- a thin consecutive saloon.

REPELLENT-a substance that dissuades peculiar insects or other plagues from nearing or settling LEMON GRASS-a fragrant tropical grass that yields an oil that smells lemon. It is widely used in Asiatic cookery and in perfumery and medical specialty. MALARIA-an intermittent and remittent febrility caused by a protozoon parasite that invades the ruddy blood cells. The parasite is transmitted by mosquitoes in many tropical and semitropical parts.

DENGUE-a enfeebling viral disease of the Torrid Zones. transmitted by mosquitoes. and doing sudden febrility and ague strivings in the articulations. ORGANIC- natural affair or compounds with a C base. and besides refers to nutrient and meat grown or raised without chemicals or pesticides. COW DUNG- the undigested residue of works affair which has passed through the animal’s intestine. CHEMICALS- a substance obtained by a chemical procedure or bring forthing a chemical consequence INSENCE- a substance that is burned for the Sweet odor it produces.

Chapter II

The Organic Mosquito Rod is a mosquito repelling incense. It is normally molded spiral but to do it easier we made it a rod. The rod is normally a held at the bottom tip of the rod. suspending it in the air. Burning normally begins at the tip of the rod and progresses easy towards the underside rod. bring forthing a mosquito repellant fume. Typical mosquito incense can mensurate 15 centimeter. in diameter and can last up to 2 hours or more depending on the air current nowadays while the rod can be measured 10-12 centimeter. long and can last up to an hr and 20 proceedingss one time burn at the tip of the rod. Lemon grass ( Cybopogon citrates ) is a perennial herb widely used in Asiatic culinary art. It is normally used for teas. soups and curries. In the Philippines lemon grass is called “tanglad” normally used to taste Filipino daintinesss.

In a survey Evaluation of Herbal Essential oil against Mosquitoes by the Department of Plant Production Technology and Faculty of Agricultural Technology in Bangkok Thailand affirmed that lemon grass so contains organic repellants against mosquitoes. In a laboratory experiment. voluntaries were instructed to use oil infusions from different mark harvests including lemon grass on one of their weaponries. while the other was untreated ( control ) . Both custodies were inserted in a coop incorporating 250 nulliparous female mosquitoes ageing 5-7 twenty-four hours old. Mosquitos were observed in footings motions and behaviors. Consequences showed that oil infusions from lemon grass. Mentha piperita. eucalyptus. citronella. and cloves were effectual to drive both dandy fever and malaria mosquitoes.

However. the rebarbative effects of these oil infusions do non last longer comparison to man-made chemicals. therefore. further survey to better its preparation and efficaciousness is needed. Another survey on “The Effectiveness of Lemon Grass as a Natural Mosquito Repellent” by the University of Southern California ( USC ) . comparing the repellant efficaciousness of lemon grass infusion to the DEET ( N. N-diethyl-m-toluamide ) based repellants or the prima commercial trade names for insect repellants has found that lemon grass infusion could be used as an option to chemical insect repellant.

Chapter III
Dried Cow droppings
Used documents
Dried lemon grass
Mortar and Pestle


Result and Discussion
Organic Rod
· When we burned the rod. merely a few seconds the mosquitoes was no longer winging around the room
· Burned for 1 hour ( 45 inch in diameter )
· After an hr of uninterrupted exposure to its fume. neither dizziness nor coughing was experienced Tiger Mosquito Coil
· When we burned the spiral. merely a few seconds the mosquitoes was no longer winging around the room
· Burned for 1 hour and 30 mins ( 45 inch in diameter ) · After an hr of uninterrupted exposure to its fume. giddiness and coughing was experienced


“Prevention is better than cure” that statement leads us to suggest this undertaking. Cow’s Manure Mosquito Rod helps us to forestall from holding a disease without harmful consequence that normally we get from chemical insect powders. Harmonizing to the research. cow manure is an effectual insect repellent so we really want to better it. Through different experimentations. we have proven that cow manure is an effectual organic insect powder. We improved it by adding dried lemon grass which makes the merchandise more effectual. Lemon grass adds aroma which is non cranky to the olfactory organ. Cow’s manure mosquito rod with dried lemon grass shows effectivity that it really repel the mosquitos


Using mosquito repellent is one manner to forestall diseases caused by mosquitoes. But we can non deny that there is a clip that we are lack of money for our day-to-day demands. So we recommend our fact-finding merchandise as a replacing. The good thing is. it is an organic mosquito repellent made from cow droppings together with paper and lemon grass to add aroma on it. We already tried it and we can state that it is an effectual protection from mosquitoes. It is easy to make and it helps us to salvage money for of import utilizations. We must guarantee our safety particularly nowadays that diseases continue to distribute everyplace.

Cow manure might look gross outing but we must give a attempt in utilizing this organic mosquito repellent. So we recommend it to you so you give your concluding finding of fact after utilizing it.

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