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Compare and Contrast In Macbeth Paper

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Behavior of Macbeth Macbeth was not always the cold-blooded killer that one may depict in the later acts of Macbeth. At the start of the play, Macbeth could be described as a loyal hero who aimed at serving his king. However, when Macbeth came across the opportunity to seize the throne, he capitalized on it. After killing the king Macbeth changes personality and becomes extremely paranoid. I believe if Macbeth would have stayed loyal and respected the king, Scotland would have stayed peaceful.

Compare And Contrast in Macbeth Main Characters

Macbeth murdered King Duncan in order to fulfill his prophecy of being king, as the witches informed him. Another detail of the prophecy to consider is Banquds future. The witches say to him “Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none”, meaning, mfou will never be King of Scotland, but your descendants will”. Macbeth takes a mental note of this statement and the Jealousy eats away at his morals. Due to Macbeth’s paranoia after killing King Duncan, he makes a rash decision and sends wo murderers to seek out Banquo and his son.

Although Banquds son, Fleance, escapes, the murderers execute Banquo. The paranoia of Macbeth becomes more noticeable as the play progresses, an example being the banquet scene at his residence. He has uncontrolled outbursts alarming all of the guests present at his home. Macbeth becomes unstable and is not able to continue with the dinner. He would have never acted in such a way had he not murdered King Duncan and Banquo. Macduff beheads Macbeth, seeking revenge or the murders of his wife and children, after Macbeth defeats Young Siward in battle.

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Malcolm is crowned King of Scotland after Macbeth is overthrown. Shortly after, Malcolm begins to feel like a target to his Jealous brother, Donalbain. Malcolm takes action and executes his own brother. Worried that his decision may be questioned, Malcolm recruits two murderers and sends them to kill anyone who raises suspicion. Scotland falls into shambles as the newly crowned king follows in the footsteps of Macbeth. Scotland is described as a peaceful land while the well-respected King Duncan reigned.

However, the murder of King Duncan can be directly related to the fall of Scotland. Before learning of the Kings death, Lennox predicts the upcoming disorder, signified by nature. Scotland is thrown into a state of upheaval as Macbeth reins king. Consider the circumstance that Lady Macbeth did not push Macbeth into committing the murder. I believe that Scotland remains serene under the rule of King Duncan. Compare and Contrast of Macbeth By tonydz24

Compare and Contrast In Macbeth

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