Roman Polanski Chinatown

The following example essay on “Roman Polanski Chinatown” is an analysis of the 1975 Oscar-winning feature film. The essay focuses on Problems reviewed in Chinatown.

The film Chinatown, written and directed by Roman Polanski, is set in a young and up-and-coming Los Angeles in 1937. Through the eyes of private investigator J.J. Gittes the viewer is allowed to get a deep and critical look into the ideology of LA, and watch the precursor to what the city is today.

The movie reveals a cynical look on a city that is typically viewed in a fantastical way.

The plot follows a trail of deceit, betrayal, and greed with its overarching theme of the power of control. It is through the different characters in which Polanski allows his viewers to see the true face of Los Angeles through some of its most powerful tenants. The story craftily changes the viewers opinion on Los Angeles, using J.J. Gittes investigation as a tour guide of sort to the corruption -and noir-that lies beneath the city’s surface.

From the onset of the film, we are introduced to an initial problem that from the surface seems very stereotypical and petty. The alleged Mrs. Mulwray wants to shine light on her husband’s activities, although her reason is not apparent. J.J. Gittes takes little to no thought to the matter as he believes that this will just be a routine investigation. He believes that he is in control of the case.

This is prime example of a common perception of Los Angeles being superficial and petty.

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Cinematically this ideology is portrayed through J.J. Gittes naivety as he begins to work on the case, using his attire to point viewers to his purity and confidence when he begins the case. As the case deepens so does that viewers prospect of what the city of Los Angeles is all about.

Water is a staple that connects all of humanity. Our bodies alone comprised of it. Is a basic necessity and human right, which makes it a complex topic. Geographically Los Angeles is a region where that basic need is at threat, causing those depending on it to go mad to acquire it.

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