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On the night of 18/19 July 1969, twelve people attended a no-spouces party (Meyer Macon Morehouse et al.) on Chappaquid*censored*, a small island off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Two of the partygoers fell victim to a continuous deception. Mary Jo Kopechne who would have not lost her life but for the inexcusable misconduct of Ted Kennedy. The other partygoer, Senator Ted Kennedy, lost his chance of ever reaching the White House due to his web of lies. Bobby Kennedy’s Presidential campaign had been ably assisted by the “Boiler room girls”.

A team of young women who were completely dedicated to the Kennedy cause. They were: Mary Jo Kopechne, Rosemary Keough, Nance Lyons, Mary Ellen Lyons, Susan Tannenbaum and Ester Newburgh. More than just secretaries, the girls’ commitment made their role vital to the campaign.In June of 1968 Bobby was assassinated and grief overwhelmed the Kennedy family and the Boiler room girls. It had not even been five years since the assassination of John F.

Kennedy. Almost every summer, members of the Kennedy family had traveled to Martha’s Vineyard to participate in the Edgartown regatta.1968 would to be an exception. Bobby’s murder was a massive blow to the family and those close to them, but in particular to Ted. The Boiler room girls switched their attention to closing up Bobby’s files and his campaign office. A keen sailor, Ted would participate in the regatta aboard a boat that once belonged to his brother Jack (McGinniss 534). Also participating was Ross Richard’s a personal friend of Ted’s (McGinniss 535), later to be an important witness in the Chappaquid*censored* plot.

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Robert Kennedy’s son, Joe, was also on the island. As a thank-you for all their hard work on Bobby’s Presidential campaign, a party had been planned to which the Boiler room girls were invited. (Oppenheimer 375) The party was to be at a cottage, also known as the Lawrence cottage, a shor…

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