Noise Pollution and Its Impact on Health

The following sample essay on Noise Pollution and Its Impact on Health tells about the negative impact of noise pollution on the human body.

However, what may seem like a simple annoyance in your everyday life may actually have serious effects on your health in both the long- and short-term. Theses why it’s important to understand exactly what noise pollution is and how it can affect your health. The word noise is usually defined as undesired sounds producing an auditory sensation considered to be annoying.

It is any type of excessively loud or disturbing noise that disrupts a person’s life. The noises can come from a wide variety of sources, including machines and animals.

Living or working near an airport, where the loud sounds of airplanes landing and taking off is often heard, is one way that a person may be exposed to noise pollution on a regular basis. In modern society, transportation systems (cars, trains, airplanes, etc. ) are one of the most common sources of noise pollution since they can be particularly loud.

In general, people who live in urban centers are more likely to be exposed to noise pollution due to population density and the increased presence of the transportation systems.

Living in an urban city may also mean that people are more exposed to the noises Of construction, which is another major source of noise pollution. However, people who live in rural areas may also experience this problem as well. A key example of rural noise pollution is farming, which may include a variety of machines that produce harsh or loud noises.

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Additionally, things like barking dogs or neighbors playing loud music can also be sources of noise pollution. Unfortunately, being exposed to noise pollution can have some serious effects on your health.

The effects can worsen if your exposure to the noise pollution is something that you go through very often. Some of the most common health effects are headaches, migraines, stress, hearing loss, loss of sleep, etc. But besides all this, there are still many ways to avoid and to decrease the sounds of unlikable and harmful sounds in your local area. With a strong understanding about the main causes of noise pollution people can surely find a perfect balance and solution to this problem.

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Noise Pollution and Its Impact on Health
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