This then prevents starch from converting into glucose and then to body fat. The crabs that aren’t absorbed then pass through the digestive tract and are excreted. From what we hear, the pill sounds like it will do wonders, but similar studies believe otherwise; “Studies by Mayo Clinic revealed that to decelerate the digestion of carbohydrate, you need between 4,000 to 6,000 MGM of bean extract or Episcopalian. Unfortunately, many Carr blockers in the market have lower than 4,000 MGM of Episcopalian.

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In reality, a majority contain well below the commended dosage which is a measly MGM of white kidney bean extract.

They also found that there is no sign of weight loss during the slowing down of the digestion of crabs” (Million 2008). Students from the Biology department here at GA decided to take the bull by the horns and test this theory about Carr Cutters. The experiment was done by comparing a control group that would function like the body normally does and an experimental group that functions like the body would after consuming the Carr Cutter pill.

Results were measured using bevels of absorbent, the amount of light that shines through the solution, to determine how much starch is blocking the light shining through. The higher the absorbent levels, the higher the amount of starch in the solution. If there are still high amounts of starch in the solution, then this means that the starch was not digested and that the Carr Cutter worked. The absorbent of the control group was recorded every minute to see how the amylase (our body’s enzyme that digests starch) worked on starch alone.

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The control group was expected to e a decrease in absorbent because of the starch being digested by amylase. Our experimental group contained everything the control group did, including the Carr Cutter pill. If the Carr Cutter proved to actually work it would show a steady high absorbent, proving that it constantly keeps amylase from digesting the starch. The graph below was charted with results to indicate how well the Carr Cutter actually worked. Human error is easily obtained when working on an experiment with so many different solutions, time measurements, and accuracies of measurements.

An easy mistake could have been made while waiting 15-20 minutes for the Carr Cutter to digest. With the time crunch in the Biology Lab, the Carr Cutter may not have been completely digested before rushing to begin the experiment. The results from the experiment showed an increase in absorbent with the Carr Cutter pill, which is not accurate because there is no way that more starch was made in the solution. Given more time for the procedure, this lab experiment may have received more accurate results.

The results obtained by students of he Biology department of GA correlated with that of the Mayo Clinic study; amylase may be slowed, but it takes a great dosage of bean extract to really get the job done and see results. From the graph, we can see that the Carr Cutter shows a general increase and then decrease in absorbent. This indicates that with time Carr Cutter prevented amylase from breaking down the starch but it only worked for a few minutes and then amylase began taking control again when the absorbent headed back down.

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