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Butlers Chocolates was established in 1932 by Mrs Bailey Butler. In 1959 the company was purchased and has been owned by Mr. Seamus Sorensen since that time. The Butlers Irish Chocolates brand was born in 1984. It was named in memory of Ms Marion Bailey Butler. Butlers Chocolates is located is Clonshaugh, Dublin 17 since 2003.

It is a private manufacturing limited company. The company is the leading luxury chocolate producer in Ireland and operates from a custom built production facility in North Dublin. The starting point was, when in 1932, Mrs.

Bailey-Butler began to produce a range of handmade chocolates from her house in Dublin’s Fitzwilliam Square. The company produces a wide range of delicious confectionery products including chocolate assortments such as truffles, fudge, toffee, chocolate bars and seasonal novelties.

In November 1998 the first Butlers Chocolate Cafe opened its doors on Wicklow St, Dublin. Since then, thousands of customers have visited the shops. In addition to a relaxing cafe ambience, Butlers Chocolate Cafes also offer a top quality retail outlet.

This unique combination is now very successful. It is a unique concept that has become hugely popular with tourists and locals alike.

Nowadays Butlers Chocolate Cafe has a big market. In 1998 due to new website www.butlerschocolates.com went live, fourteen Butlers Chocolate Cafes have opened, including 2 franchises in New Zealand. Retail shops have already opened up all over Ireland. The company has created a very successful concept – Butlers Chocolate Cafe’s – of which there are now 8. There is a flagship cafe at Dublin Airport and another one at Dundrum Town Centre.

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The most recent cafe opening has been in Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork last December. Butler’s have also expanded into the U.K market and their chocolates are now widely available in most major airports throughout the UK and at Waitrose stores.

From 2006 to the present day Butler’s have developed new products, launching their first organic chocolate range, dark chocolate selection, 200g Chocolate cube range, Butlers Chocolate Cafe ice cream as well as Take Home Ice Cream amongst others. Also in collaboration, Butlers Chocolates launched a range of chocolates with Irish Fashion designer, Orla Kiely.1

The Cafe’s are a unique concept and offer the consumer the ultimate chocolate treat.

This treat is delivered by way of chocolate drinks, chocolate cakes and pastries and hot beverages, including the award winning Butlers Hot Chocolate. Their Hot chocolate Sauce has won a gold medal at the London Great Taste Awards. The company has won a number of awards in recent years including the Bord Bia Brand Marketing Award and the Crest Retail Excellence Award for Butlers Chocolate Cafe, Henry Street.

What make Butlers chocolates so different is the combination of the finest chocolate with fresh Irish cream, butter, eggs and secret recipes. Butlers Irish Handmade Chocolates are still located in Dublin and Mrs. Bailey-Butler’s original recipes and techniques have been handed down to the present generation. They have stood the test of time, winning many top awards, in Ireland and abroad.

The Irish Chocolate Company supplies three distinct markets. First one is an international duty free market which was opened in Ireland’s main airports such as Dublin, Shannon and Cork. In addition, duty free outlets were sourced on the ferry routes between Ireland and the UK.

Also the company produces a range of gifts that have been proven very successful in international market including England, US, Russia and Dubai.

It has gained a significant foothold over the last four years in the domestic market as well. The company has strived to choose stores that are match with the Butlers brand, looking for prestige, exclusivity and luxury.

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Where To Buy Butlers Chocolates
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