Sacagawea was the interpreter for Lewis and Clarks adventure, declared by Thomas Jefferson in 1803 to finda water route to the Pacific Ocean. America could possibly not be what it is today without the help of Sacagawea. Sacagawea was an native american girl who was taken to slavery at a young age, and from slavery went to be noted a a great woman and also is remembered on the 2000 one dollar coin. Sacagawea wasfirst known at birth as Boinaiv, which means ” Grass Maiden;” she was part of the Shoshone tribe.

She was born at about 1790 and she was from the area in which is now today Idaho. At the age of twelve she wascamped near the Missouri River in Montana. They were encroached upon by warriors from the Hidatsa. There were four men, fourwomen, and many boys killed that day. That day Boinaiv and many other girls and boys were taken back to the Hidatsa village and were kept as prisoners. When Boinaiv arrived at the village she was renamed Sacagawea, which means “Bird Woman.

” At the Hidatsa village Sacagawea was enslaveduntilabout 1800-1805. She was then either bought or won by a man by the name of Toussaint Charbonneau. At this same time, president Jerfferson and the U.S. Congress were authorizing a voyage to find the Pacific Ocean. This means putting a gourp of men together that would explore the territory between the Mississippi and Colimbia Rivers and attempt to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean. Heading up this mission would be Jeffersons secretary and condidante, Lewis, and Lewis’ friend Clark.

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On October 27, 1804, Lewis and Clark’s expedition reached the village of the Mandan Indians, in North Dakota. There they met Sacagawea and he French- Canadian husband Toussaint Charbonneau. At this time she was about 17 years old and pregnant. Clark was keeping a journal of their journey, also known as the “Voyage of Discovery.” In this journal historians found that on November 4,1804, ” A Mr. Ch…

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