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Beowulf Paper

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Revenge comes in different forms; whether it is taking vengeance for one’s own desire, or the fact that the retaliation may prove to serve a higher purpose. In “Beowulf,” revenge is what seems to keep the tale alive, adding more plot and suspense to every scene: Grenade’s mother seeks revenge of her son’s murderer, Beowulf endeavors to avenge a good man and to protect the lives of many, and a dragon craves to requite for stolen property.

Revenge Is what drives these characters to action, and Influences the decisions they make, whether It Is to satisfy their own sire for “justice,” or for the purpose of delivering others and bringing peace. If the reasons for revenge are seemingly justifiable or not, the characters design their fate when they choose the manner in which they respond to their own crisis. Mother’s love for her child is a powerful force, as shown in “Beowulf” by Grenade’s mother for her only son, as she Is willing to go to great lengths to avenge his honor.

After Beowulf has slain Grenade, one can only presume the emotions that would haunt his mother. As was expected, grief compels her to take revenge: “Enraged and venous, Grenade’s mother swiftly set out on a sorrowful journey to settle the score for her son’s demise” (56). This mother’s rage could almost be deemed understandable, knowing that she is forced to watch her only son die, helpless. However, she brings another man into the equation, hoping to strike at the heart of Warthogs by killing Searches: “He was Hoarder’s highest counselor, boon companion and brave shield-bearer, slain In his bed” (57).

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So that her point would be clearly understood, she decapitates a respectable and undeserving man in the dead of the night, allowing him no opportunity to defend himself. Instead of settling the dispute with the man who is the reason for her sorrow, Grenade’s mother introduces an innocent man into her plan for revenge, only to bring devastation upon another. While the Idea of revenge Is appealing to Grenade’s mother, It eventually leads to her destruction. Unlike Grenades mother who seeks revenge out of grief, Beowulf kills out of sympathy and for the safety of others.

He Is moved at the sight of Hoarsest lamentations after “seeing his sovereign stricken with grief at the slaying of one who served so well” (58). Honorable and brave, Beowulf takes another’s revenge upon myself, intent on finishing the sole reason for Hoarder’s grief. As a warrior, it is expected of him to strive for revenge and to succeed. Beowulf promises to avenge Searches, saying, “l swear to you this: she shall not escape In chasm or cave, In cliff- climbing thicket or bog’s bottom, wherever she bides” (59). Searches Is described as the best of men, and therefore worthy of revenge by Beowulf.

Whether or not Beowulf intentions are entirely selfless or not, the end result gives him glory, and does not lead to his downfall. He fights honorably, and does not allow himself an advantage over his rival. Beowulf purpose in killing Grenade’s mother not only gives peace to Warthogs, but to the whole village who might have been susceptible to her wrath. When life deals a man cruelly, he Is forced to commit an act of separation, not Tally comprehending ten possible outcome AT Nils octagons as ten result of a dragon’s revenge.

A seemingly unorthodox reason for drastic measures, the master of the stolen treasure does not desire for this treachery to go unnoticed: “For three hundred winters the waster of nations held that mighty hoard in his earth- hall till one man wronged him, arousing his wrath” (75). Even though this dragon has no use for its treasure, treasure that it stole from others, greed compels it to take action. Contradictory to the motives of Beowulf, the dragon’s are purely selfish, blinded by his desire for blood and revenge.

When the thief is not to be found, the dragon takes it upon itself to make sure that the whole village be punished for this man’s actions: “The ghastly specter scattered his sparks and set their buildings brightly burning, flowing with flames as homesteaders fled. He meant to leave not one man alive” (75-76). To the dragon, one gold goblet is equivalent to the lives of any. Even though the advantage is on its side, the dragon does not hesitate for a moment to terminate the existence of its unsuspecting victims.

Its revenge has the appearance of blind rage, as it steals innocent lives for the purpose of satisfying its greed. Before falling by the hands of Beowulf and another, one can only speculate if the dragon’s revenge brings it any sort of peace or satisfaction, even if in a fleeting All desire revenge, yet only one benefits from his decision. All have moment. Different motives to take revenge into their own hands, yet only one fully succeeds. This tale seems to Justify certain motives for revenge, rewarding those who contribute to a worthy cause.

It is up to one’s conscience and Judgment to determine whether any motives for revenge are Justifiable, but Beowulf story seems to encourage one’s thoughts in a certain direction. Although biased in favor of the protagonist, “Beowulf” poses a question that many struggle with: whether revenge is ever a reasonable solution, or if it will only bear more sorrow. Works Cited Damrosch, David, deed. “Beowulf. ” The Longhand Anthology British Literature. Compact 2nd deed. Volvo. A. Pearson Education, Inc. , 2004. 32-91.


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