Reflection Essay On Augustus

Octavian better known as Augustus was the adopted son of Julius Caesar. Caesar was assassinated by a group of senators led by Brutus and Cassius on the steps of the Roman senate on March 15, 44 B.C. The assasin’s thought that Caesar was hiring uneligible people as representatives. The senators thought by killing Caesar it would bring peace upon Rome, but it just brought upon a civil war. After the assassination a long time associate of Caesar’s, Mark Antony and Octavian were on a quest to avenge Caesars death.

After a while Antony and Octavian turned on each other. Octavian steadily gained more and more terrain and the support of many Romans by telling them that Mark Antony was plotting against them with the queen of Egypt. Subsequent to Octavian basically winning over the Roman people Antony and Cleopatra commited suicide leaving Octavian in complete power over Rome. Octavian wanted to, like his father to turn Rome’s government into a established political structure.

This would be a extremely difficult task for Octavian to complete because of Rome’s strong republican background and them believing that the government was brought to them by the gods. Octavian did not want to scare the Roman people or senate by them thinking that he was some sort of tyrant, thus he had to reestablish laws and employ officials where he saw fit to uphold a political system to his like. Before Augustus came into power many Romans thought that their gods have given up on them and just left them to be in constant war.

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The Roman people thought that Augustus’s military competence led the gods to be on his and their side. Augustus hired many writers and sculptors to brighten up the city of Rome and liven the spirits of his people. Many poems written about Augustus in essence glorified him and brought more popularity upon him. Yet their were some writers who openly criticized him to many different effects.…

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Reflection Essay On Augustus
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