Should The Military Age Be Raised To 21 Essay

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The age required to enlist in the armed forces should be raised to 21 for several grounds. For the most portion. affairs affecting national security are serious concerns that should be carefully and critically addressed. Enlisting civilians into the armed forces who lack the experience or. at least.

the mature head and organic structure could take to a serious drawback for the ground forces. Harmonizing to the federal jurisprudence. specifically 10 U. S. C. . 505. the minimal age demand for enlisting in the US Military is 17 with the consent of the parents. At the age of 17. an mean American pupil is still go toing high school instruction or is in senior high school.

Should The Military Age Be Raised To 21 Essay

With that in head. it is possible that any of these minor citizens of the state still lack certain proficient accomplishments and other military-related capablenesss needed to function the military to one’s fullest potencies.

Assuming that the age of 17 is still non plenty for a civilian to enlist in the military. why should 21 be chosen as the minimal age demand and non. state. 20 or 22? Apparently. a 21-year-old mean person in America is good on the manner of graduating in college or has already completed his college grade.

There is a great trade of a difference between pupils in high school and in college ; this indispensable contrast between the two groups should stand as the primary ground why the lower limit age demand for enlisting in the armed forces should be raised to 21 old ages.

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While in high school. pupils are still in the procedure of larning general cognition offered by larning establishments. Thus. high school pupils are still familiarising themselves with the assorted Fieldss of cognition. from earth scientific discipline to history. or from algebra to human anatomy to call a few.

As a consequence. the heads of these pupils are preoccupied with that broad sweep of formal topics. On the other manus. college pupils are larning specific cognition. more specifically the information that is straight and extremely related to their chosen college grades. Hence. they are more focussed in footings of cognizing what they want to specifically larn in the hopes of set downing a occupation that is suited to their educational background. Furthermore. college pupils and college alumnuss are considered to be more mature non merely in the physical facet but besides in the mental facet.

By necessitating enlisting persons in the military to be 21 old ages of age. it is more likely than non that the majority of the ground forces will be composed of physically every bit good as mentally mature persons. The sheer psychological and physical force per unit areas in the military brought about by the weight of the undertakings involved—which involves the chance of decease. among others—should merely demand for soldiers who are fit for the occupation. The “fit” in the phrase implies the physical and mental wellbeing of the enlisting person.

Apparently. it is to the best advantage of the military and of the state to enlist persons who are mentally and physically capable of carry throughing the responsibilities and duties of soldiers. whether in the battleground or in the military offices. To state that the minimal age demand should be raised to 21 is to state that those who are 22 old ages of age up to the maximal age bound of 35 can still measure up since 21 old ages of age is merely the lower limit. An single with the age of 21 is ripe for the picking. so to talk. while those above the minimal age demand are still within the basket of options.

Can we besides consider the age of 19 or 20 alternatively of 21 as the lower limit? The reply is no exactly because persons with the age of 19 or 20 are most likely fresh high school alumnuss or college freshers. Those who have merely graduated from high school at the age of 19 or 20 still lack the lessons. both formal and informal. taught in college whereas those who are in their college fresher old ages at the age of either 19 or 20 are yet on the brink of researching a wider scope of possibilities and of cognition for themselves.

Alternatively of accepting these persons in the military service. it would be a batch better for them to go on prosecuting their surveies foremost so that they will maturate further. both intellectually and physically. Furthermore. it would besides be advantageous for the military to defy accepting persons below 21 old ages of age ; it removes the possibility of enlisting persons whose programs in life are outside of the military service. which brings us to the following of import point. It is more likely than non that people who are 21 old ages of age have already made-up their head on what to make with their life. such as taking their profession.

The ground behind this is that they are either college alumnuss or are close to completing their college grades. In consequence. these people may already hold fixated their eyes on their occupation chance as opposed to college freshers or high school alumnuss who are still seeking to make-up their head as to what they want to be after graduating. Therefore. people 21 old ages of age and over who seek to enlist in the military are most likely certain of the way they want to take. which is to go a portion of the national ground forces. On the other manus. people below 21 old ages of age who seek to enlist in the armed forces may non needfully want to go soldiers.

A state with a strong and fit ground forces can protect itself better in the face of menaces and other signifiers of danger. thereby procuring of the state and its population of citizens ( Klyza. 2002 ) . America is merely one of the many states in the universe which needs to protect itself from possible enemies from within and without. To make an ground forces of strong and fit soldiers is to increase the opportunities of the state protecting and procuring itself. Raising the minimal age demand to 21 old ages is one of the ways to make that end.

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