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Most Grecian calamities were based on myths and consisted of a series of dramatic episodes mixed with a chorus who commented on the dramatic action or analyzed the form of events. The function of a tragic hero was critical to the tragic dramas. Sophocles argues that a tragic hero is a character who possesses six specific traits.

A tragic hero must be of baronial stature. can non be perfect. their ruin most be their mistake. their bad luck is non entirely deserved. the autumn is non a entire loss. and has a moral intent. Therefore. Creon is the tragic hero in Antigone because he is of baronial stature. posses character defects. and his autumn is non an full loss.

Tragic Hero Essay Antigone

Creon is the brother of Jocasta.

who was the married woman and female parent of Oedipus. who was the male monarch of Thebes. He becomes swayer of Thebes after the s of Oedipus’ two boies. Eteocles and Polynices in the recent civil war. In his address to the people guaranting the citizens that order and safety have returned to Thebes he says. “I now posses the throne and all its powers” ( line 194. page 67 ) . This transition easy shows that Creon is the swayer of Thebes because it says that he posses the throne which is a ownership of the male monarch.

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This shows that Creon is of baronial stature. which is one of the necessities of a tragic hero.

Throughout the whole drama Creon exhibits that he is imperfect. Creon is really obstinate every bit good as ignorant. which consequences in his many jobs all through the drama. In his difference with Haemon over the destiny of Antigone he says. % –show me a greater offense in all the Earth! She. she destroys metropoliss. rend up houses. interrupt the ranks of spearmen into hasty mob. But the 1s who last it out. the great mass of them owe their lives to train. Therefore we must support the work forces who live by jurisprudence. ne’er allow some adult female victory over us. Better to fall from power. if autumn we must. at the custodies of a man–never be rated inferior to a adult female. ne’er ( lines 751-761 page 94 ) . ” The word % ” fundamentally means “without a leader. ” He makes it sound as if he may be talking about Antigone.

Creon looks at as the ineluctable effect when insubordination of the jurisprudence is left with impunity. This extract vividly shows how Creon is really obstinate and nescient. He refuses to see that adult female play a major function in society. He merely views them as objects. He visions adult female as a menace to masculine high quality and he will halt at nil to debar this from go oning. His refusal to let Antigone to travel free finally consequences in the of his boy and his married woman. This shows that Creon is imperfect. which is besides one of the demands of a tragic hero.

By the terminal of the drama. after the of his married woman and boy. Creon additions some self-knowledge and learns from what he has done. After Creon learns of the of his married woman and boy he says. “Ohhh. so mindless. so insane… my offenses. my obstinate. ly— Expression at us. the slayer. the killed. male parent and boy. the same —the wretchedness! My programs. my huffy overzealous bosom. my boy. cut off so immature! Ai. . lost to the universe. Not through you stupidity. no. my ain ( line 1395-1400. page 124 ) . ” This citation from the drama illustrates that Creon realizes that his obstinacy and folly is the cause of all of this chaos. Creon now understands that his defects resulted in his family’s. He so goes on to state. “Oh I’ve learned through and cryings ( line 1405-1406. page 124 ) . ” This shows that he has learned his lesson so the of his household is non a complete loss because now he is cognizant of the fact that it is because of his obstinacy and stupidity that this occurred. This shows that Creon’s autumn is now a pure loss. which is every bit good. a status of a tragic hero.

Creon is the tragic hero in Antigone because he is of baronial stature. posses character defects. and his autumn is non an full loss. These defects finally are what leads Creon to his death and to the of his married woman and boy. In Antigone there were legion subjects. One of the subjects is pride and its consequence on the characters. Both Antigone and Creon are extremely proud. doing it impossible for either one of them to endorse down one time they have taken a place on something. This character defect leads to their ruin. In modern-day times. we can associate this type of tragic hero to powerful figures like Donald Rumsfeld. who does non hesitate from his places until others have paid a heavy monetary value for his pride. Another subject is Moral Law vs. Human Law. This is shown when Antigone’s scruples influences her to bury her brother. which conflicts with Creons jurisprudence of the province. It’s a determination of whether ethical motives should be placed above the human jurisprudence.

A semi-modern illustration of this can be seen in World War II where the soldiers had to make up one’s mind between their ethical motives or the determination of the province in the s of the Jews. The 3rd and concluding cardinal subject is the place of adult female. This is brought up several times in Antigone. Creon feels that adult female are low-level to work forces and should ne’er be placed every bit high as work forces. This is besides apparent in present times because even now adult females do non hold the same chances as work forces do although adult females have come a long manner in merely this century. There will ever be tragic heroes in any society. They are normally high-profile people who rise and autumn in the public oculus. Hopefully. those of us who watch their narratives unfold can larn from their experiences by debating the virtues of the determinations a erstwhile hero made to render him/her tragic. The presence of a tragic hero is apparent in modern society because even now we have people who are illustrations of tragic hero’s.

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