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Analysis Paper

Osaka’s Analysis Essay when fan watch sports today they see a huge asterisk next to the insignia. It started coming up in the early ass’s when athletes wanted to get results in their respective sport. From there it became a need to stay ahead of the ever changing generations coming into their sport. Many professional athletes use steroids, because of what they gain from steroids without knowing the effects they have on a body. This has people asking ” why do pro athletes use steroids”.

I have heard many different seasons why professional athletes use steroids, but the one that stuck out to me was alleged increased strength. Steroids are used to build muscle faster after strenuous exercise or weightlifting. In the us professional sports such as the NFG, ML, and ML steroid usage is illegally because the players were becoming more and more reckless with their steroid usage. The benefit of steroid usage may be the increase in strength gain, but the negatives of steroid use can cause bloating, and aggressive acne.

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Which an be life long ailments that haunt that person for the rest of their career. Another reason for professional athletes using steroids is the increase in stamina. With increased muscle growth you develop more substantial staying power while working out. Which allow the user to be in the gym for longer periods of time while they are lifting more weight. With increased stamina the steroid user experiences less muscle strain during and after the workout or exercise. It also allows you to recover your energy after workout so you can return to the gym without as much rest.

With an athlete this can have a major impact on the way they perform on the field and in the gym preparing for the time a game or race roles around. This can be seen when looking at cyclist’s or long distance runners also. Some of the physical side effects that steroid use cause are an enlarged heart and raised cholesterol. An improved attribute gained from the use of steroids is usually better reflexes. Some experts say that this isn’t true, but when you practice for a particular sport the muscle memory stays with them.

For this purpose a lot of baseball players are taking steroids to approve upon there reflexes. In baseball your reflexes are 85 percent of the game with the other 15 percent being pure athleticism. If you don’t have quick hands or eyes you wont be able to react to a ball coming toward you at 90 to 100 miles per hour. The drawbacks that have been seen with using steroids is also emotional not just physical. There can be behavioral changes, mood swings also known as rood rage, and depression. Sometimes the depression can cause normal happy people to take heir own life.

When its all said and one there are benefits and drawbacks to using steroids. They Just shouldn’t be used by professional athletes period. Professional athletes are idols to young kids who see their heroes being brought up on steroid usage charges. It all comes down to why professional athletes are using steroids. I can’t speak for any athletes, but I think it is the pressure to be the best at what they do that drives them to use steroids. Even with all the risks they Just see the rewards of using steroids, and that isn’t right.

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