A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis

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The following sample essay on “A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis”: tells the story of Arthur Conon Doyle.

In the story A good Man is Hard to Find by O’ Connor, the author fuses the comic and the horrific, mundane and the grotesque to achieve fulfill grace in the condescending old grandmother. The protagonist in this story, which is the Grandmother; is in an important position that life offers to everyone.The grandmother is facing death, which she is having a hard time preparing for it.

She would love for the event to postpone but she knows that’s inventible.

The old lady enjoyed life and Christianity on the outside but, in reality she lacked the real understanding of it all. Her way of living life judging others, the grandmother mocked not only her religion, but; family with the threat of the infamous Misfit.The grandmother is also a very good manipulator. The very first thing we find out about her is that rather going to Florida she has relatives in Tennessee that she wants to see.

The Grandmother considers herself as a respectful lady; a respectful lady to grandmother means wearing nice clothes, and coming from the right blood.The Old lady has the Old South country ways mindset. The reason this is noticeable is by her making comments such as “Children were more respectful of their native states and their parents and everything else. People did right then”. In her own mind, the grandmother is certainly an overall “good person”.

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The grandmother feels as she is on top of everyone constantly proven to us in the story by her actions.

Once the Grandmother encounters the Misfit and tries to tell him he is a good man we once again see her actions as a selfish manipulator as we did at the beginning of the story. She is particularly selfish she does not beg for anyone else’s life.The first thing the grandmother says after she sees who the Misfit is her first words are “You wouldn’t shoot a lady would you?”.She keeps up the act although the rest of her family is being taken to the woods to be killed.

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find Analysis
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