A Doll's House Relationships

Nora, the beloved and admired wife of Torvald, was married for several years. The relationship between Nora and Torvald had always been passionate, especially at the very beginning. Mrs Linde, an old friend of Nora came by her house for a visit. While Nora and Mrs Linde reacquainted, Nora revealed her inner self to her. She spilled out all her secrets, something which can ruin her relationship with Torvald.

Nora admitted to Mrs Linde that she once secretly borrowed money from Krogstad, who Torvald’s employee, to save Torvald’s life when he was very ill.

She has not told him to protect his pride. She promised to pay him off slowly over the years by taking secret jobs. However, at the same time, Nora finds herself the victim of blackmail. While Krogstad was on the verge of losing his position to Mrs Linde, he found out that Nora forged her dying father’s signature on the loan application. Krogstad threatens to reveal this information unless she convinces her husband to keep him employed.

Nora tries but fails. This is where the disaster of their marriage was coming from.

A Doll’s House Nora And Torvald Relationship

At first, Nora was the woman who had everything. She could ask anything from him, particularly shopping money as she is a spindrift. Her childish attitude that had always pleased Torvald was one of the main reasons that kept their marriage going. However, Nora knew her marriage life has been a lie. Torvald eventually found out about the secret loan.

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Even when Nora is confronted with this awful threat, she does not fear for herself but only for Torvald, who loves her so much. At the end, Torvald called her a liar and had forgotten that he owes his life to her. Thus her love for him is destroyed.

Nora did ask Mrs Linde for help in order to prevent Torvald from finding out. However, at the end, Mrs Linde decides that it’s best if Torvald knows. After he found it, Krogstad sent in a letter saying that he wanted this to be over with and that he was sorry. The moment Torvald found out he was saved, he was no longer angry and acted like nothing had ever happened. This had ruined their relationship. Nora had realized that her husband is not the man she thought he was, and that her whole existence has been a lie. She expected him to be more enlightening about it, instead of calling her a liar. Her fantasy of love was nothing more but a fantasy. Torvald’s love is highly conditional.

He only thinks about himself, selfishly taking business more importantly that Nora. She has been treated like a plaything by her husband. She decides that she must leave to find out who she is and what to make of her life. Torvald insists she must fulfill her duty as a wife and mother, begged her to stay, but Nora refuses because she believes that she also has duties to herself. From Torvald’s reaction to Krogstad’s letters, Nora sees that she and Torvald are strangers to each other. When Torvald asks if there is still any chance for them to rebuild their marriage, she replies that it would take “the greatest miracle of all”: they would have to change so much that their life together would become a real marriage.

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A Doll's House Relationships
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