“Gumbo” Jane Goodly

The following sample essay on “Gumbo Jane Goodly” is a critique of “Gumbo” was one of her numerous memoirs about the chimpanzees, which was originally published in Through a Window (1990).

A critical review of “Gumbo” Jane Goodly – the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, wrote “Gumbo”. She is famous for her 45-year study of social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees in Gumbo Stream National Park, Tanzania. By using the exquisite eye of a scientist, Goodly indicated her new perspective about pharmacology intelligibly.

In her writing, she draws the reader in with vivid descriptions of the world and life of the chimpanzees, and resonates with he reader by discussing the many possible windows with which to view the world through. Jane Goodwill’s writing is first based on her passion with the chimpanzees as well as for pharmacology. She used all of her sensitive senses to feel and notice every single change in sound and movement around her, which catches the readers’ interest from the very beginning of her essay.

Jane Goodly began her story by taking the readers into her room in the early morning of the day, in which she decided to enjoy it fully with her old friends – the chimpanzees. With a miniature binocular in ere hand, Goodly began her new day of discoveries by carefully recording, watching, analyzing, and objectifying daily behaviors of a chimpanzees group. She named each one of the chimps as if they were her friends or even family, which created a familiar feeling for all readers.

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She notes every detail of chimpanzees’ facial expressions and distinguishes different sounds that come with particular emotions, which vary from nervousness to anger. Like how Goblin, top-ranking male of the community, made his nest, showed himself vigorously swaying around the branches, or threaten our scientist with his heavy breath. And how Fife, a grown female, took care all of her chubby babies. Jane Goodly allows readers find themselves gliding along the text by using several intense verbs that create a vivid specific set of images of the beautiful world that she lives in.

Long years of integrating into the chimpanzees’ community make it seem like Jane Goodly could feel the pain underlying Fife’s eyes, which may recall her old mother and brother. Finally, she ended her essay by taking the readers back into her room, which create a cyclical feel, making the reader return to the same feeling established at the start of the story. Goodly reflected on past events to learn something and share new meaning in with the readers.

While watching the chimps, her memories with her mom suddenly come back thought her mind. By recalling full details, Goodly brings a full concept of understanding to the reader about her own experiences with the chimpanzees. These flashbacks were prompted by an incident or intense action that draws a vivid picture for the reader, by using her story to illustrate her main point. The effects of Jane Goodwill’s flashbacks on the reader are to provoke interest and make the detail more easily understood and to reveal important components.

She had create a good rapport with the readers by identifying with a common experience, therefore, the several figurative languages such as metaphor and simile, Goodly gives readers’ reason to read her writing. After many years contributing to pharmacology, Jane Goodly finally realized that “there are many windows through which we can look out into the world, searching for meaning” – like the window of science. She brings the readers closer to the world of science, the world of wild animals by giving a lot of her own experiences with the chimpanzees. By using human knowledge, Jane Goodly observed tool-making by the humanness.

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“Gumbo” Jane Goodly
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