Order can be glimpsed in the chaos

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The following sample essay on “Order can be glimpsed in the chaos”: the chaos theory.

What the chaos theory does is to not likely contradicting the theories of determinism but point out the limitations of determinism3. The limitations would involve the long-term predictability of such as weather prognosis an example is, few days of prognosis in advance would be no problem, but a month ahead of weather prognosis would be impossible for meteorologist. So this gives an insight of how the principle of determinism is limited, and how the chaos theory on a larger scale emphasizes on the weaknesses of science rather than the strengths.

Nonetheless, a counterargument would argue against science being a “prediction tool”, as meteorologists do not base their information on predictions, unlike the Mayans, they do studies that prove their predictions. However predictions are being made regarding the weather all the time, if I look up at a grey sky in the summer, I would most probably be expecting rain and not snow, and my chances of being right would be considered quite big as I acknowledge my previous experiences with rain in my past.

The opposite of chaos is order, and as we are dealing with both chaos and order, I think that including the relevance of order could be beneficial to enhance our understanding further in this matter. Control, or in other words order, is something often discussed about when speaking of chaos theory, if I was to define chaos theory in my own words I would probably put it between determinism on one hand, which could predict everything, and having total chaos on the other hand, in the sense of not being able to predict anything at all.

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Therefore the chaos theory does consist of both prediction but also probability. So another approach or different aspect of this claim could be the regular muscle contractions of the heart, as the heart does not at all times deliver a perfect rhythm of heart beat. These middle grounds that the chaos theory is lying on can also known as the “ancient dichotomy” which refers to many ancient societies believing that the future is foreshadowed, but also that chance is a different major factor in our lives working simultaneously as predictions.

Hence as a conclusion to the knowledge issue, I think a reasonable response would be that the attempt of scientific methods to establish truths are relevant to some extent depending majorly on what is being established, such as the prognosis of weather can only be studied in a short term period, whereas when examining the muscle contractions of the heart it’s pace can be predicted over and over again, it does not beat perfectly regular, but the chaotic manner that slightly exists in heart beatings does prove a different view of determinism.

Looking back at the heart beat, an example can be drawn; as I exercise the rate of my heart beat increases, and as I stop it slowly returns to its normal pace, the beating of the heart is regular enough, but not too much regular that it would become inflexible and fail to respond to unpredicted impulses, as well as the irregular beating does not fail to meet the requirement of pumping the blood throughout my body. To continue this essay onto the next real life situation we come across another aspect of predictions.

Now as I maintain onto my next real life situation which deals with history and the predictions of the Mayan civilization, the knowledge issue that arises is, how can we draw a clear line between fact and the interpretation of predictions made in the past? The claim I would make as a knower would be that the interpretation made in our past does not give supporting factual information, it is purely a prediction of what is going to happen in the future, unlike the weather prognosis which is based on scientific methods.

People do not necessarily need to believe that they can perceive order in the chaotic events predicted by the Mayan’s, although to a certain extent we have to accept the fact that predictions may come true. I consider the future being unpredictable enough to be chaotic; all uncertain factors of life can be seen as chaos as we are not able to find any order to help us understand the future awaiting us. As the chaos theory determines, prediction and chance both work together, so what the Mayan’s predicted could according to the chaos theory involve the chance of something happening, which would be an uncertain factor.

This means that we cannot wholly base our knowledge and faith on the reliability of predictions; instead we should be able to accept the chaos and hope to find some order in it. An example could be, if I predict receiving a phone call tomorrow, then I might very well be influenced by either my subconscious mind telling me I actually am expecting someone to phone me, or if not, chance will dominate the possibility of me receiving a phone call.

In any case, predictions can never be proven or disproven, until the time of prediction has gone past which is why predictions differ a lot from theories. A theory can always be proved right or wrong with the right measures, but a prediction cannot be proved at all until after something is supposed to happen, consequently it is not possible to draw a clear line between facts and predictions in the past.

There can be a lot of factors influencing a prediction, such as a subconscious mind, manipulation of thoughts etc. Evidently predictions can only be factual after and not before the happening. In my conclusion as a knower’s perspective, I agree to the full extent with the title statement that people need to believe that order can be glimpsed in the chaos of events, and by having used personal and factual examples I have tried to justify my standpoint and clarify my belief in why I argue for or against these claims.

Without our belief we cannot identify order persistently, our belief is the main key for us to focus on the order rather than the chaos that future brings us. If we do not learn to exhibit our needs in believing then we cannot adapt to our lives and subsist in comfort, in general it is simple to recognize this belief, we live with it and accept it, because we know nothing about tomorrow’s future, yet we hope to find peace and subtle living conditions that will keep us happy as a human being and race.

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Order can be glimpsed in the chaos
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