My Tongue Will Tell The Anger Of My Heart

When the wedding ceremony is reported back we see that Petruchio is behaving more outrageously than Katherine ever has to give her a taste of her own medicine. All the nasty mean things Katherine used to do to other people is being done to her, so she can see how nasty it is and stop doing it. Katherine is thought to be a dove compared to Petruchio, she has obviously met her match. After the wedding Petruchio does not go to the wedding feast and will not allow Katherine to go either.

This is the beginning of the starvation of Katherine, which makes her more willing to please Petruchio and become tamed. On the journey back to Petruchio home Grumio, a servant, is punished for an accident that was no fault of his own. While Petruchio is beating Grumio Katherine walks through mud to try and stop him. This is the first sign of compassion for another we see from Katherine.

Katherine probably beat servants at home and treated them very badly but when she sees someone else’s doing it she realises how bad it is and tries to stop it from happening.

My Tongue Will Tell The Anger Of My Heart, Or Else My Heart Concealing It Will Break.

When Petruchio and Katherine finally reach his home Katherine is tired, cold and hungry. She would not have eaten anything all day, as she was dragged away from the wedding feast before she could eat anything. When Petruchio gets home he is very rough and complaining to the servants, showing Katherine what shrews are really like.

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Katherine tries to clam him down when he yells and hits servants. Even though it doesn’t work once again Katherine is showing compassion for others by trying to protect them from Petruchio. When the food is set on the table Petruchio throws it away, stating that there is something wrong with it. In this way Katherine is denied food, always for the best reasons. Once again Katherine tries to calm down him down by telling him to be content. She herself is learning to be content with what she gets while he pretends to find fault with everything.

Still having not have any food all day, Petruchio take Katherine to bed, Katherine is very tired so goes to bed eagerly. But even though Katherine is exhausted Petruchio keeps lecturing her and ranting all through the night so she can’t fall asleep. Petruchio is taming her like a falcon, and compares her to one ‘my falcon’ . He will tame her like a falcon by depriving her for food and sleep until she accepts him as her master. He will do this by treating her badly yet pretending it is for her best interest, which ultimately it is, as when she is tamed she will be much happier.

Katherine is starving and can’t sleep. Though she begs Grumio for food he, acting on his masters orders, teases her and gives her none. She admits that before she has never needed to beg ‘but I, who never knew how to entreat, nor never needed that I should entreat’. When meat is out on the table Petruchio tells Hortensio, the guest, to eat all of it so Katherine can’t have any. Petruchio then shows Katherine fashionable clothes, yet will not let her have them as she is not yet a lady. When she becomes ladylike she can have all the nice clothes she wants. This is like a bribe to make her do what he wants, as otherwise she won’t get the clothes she so desires.

This makes Katherine angry, showing that she is still not fully tamed. Her passionate plea for fair treatment ‘My tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart will break concealing it’ is ignored by the men, while Petruchio pretends she said something else and continues the conversation like she has not said anything. On the way back to her house she finally realises what she has to do to make Petruchio happy. She agrees with him that it is night-time when in fact it Is daylight. At his command she greets and old man like he is a young child. She only does and says what Petruchio wants her to do, but Shakespeare shows she is happy and content like this.

At the end of the play Katherine tells the other wives how to be a good obedient wife. Of course this is only done on Petruchio command. She tells the other woman that ‘they are bound to serve, love and obey’. The independent Katherine of earlier scenes has been taken over completely by this humble wife, and Petruchio shows his pleasure by giving her a kiss. The change was credible, especially if the taming scenes are taken into account. We know that Katherine is speaking the truth in the final speech as she has previously said that she always speaks her mind truthfully. This means that she believes in everything she says in the final speech and she has truly changed.

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My Tongue Will Tell The Anger Of My Heart
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