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The final but worse thing he does to dent his masculinity is betray his family. He rings up immagration and tells them of his family (Eddie and Rodolpho) and where they are currently staying. This goes against Eddies prior actions of masculinity of caring for his family. Rodolpho, on the other hand, has different views of masculinity. He has no family to take care of so spends his money on clothes and CD’s. Because he has no responsibilities, this leaves Eddie to believe he is not masculine.

I do not agree because everybody have different views of masculinity, and I think its down to the individual and their situation in life. It’s just because he is different that Eddie doesn’t like him.

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The audience are shown that Rodolpho likes to sing. This point is extruded blaitently so its hard to miss. It is shown by him singing “paper doll.” Eddie considered this unmasculine, but different people do different things.

Singing is a unisex activity so I do not consider it feminine at all. Rodlopho has bright blonde hair. Eddie shows the audience he doesn’t like Rodolpho’s hair by saying “his wacky hair.” This is another thing that Eddie considers to be feminine about him because it is not very common for him to see it, so it is weird to him.

There are many reasons why Eddie doesn’t like Rodolpho, and him being unmasculine in his view is only part of that.

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He first starts to become negative about Rodlpho when Catherine begins to flirt. This is shown regularly throughout their conversations but is tipped when she asked Rodolpho “you like sugar?” Rodolpho flirts back and says “yes, il like sugar” which in Eddies eyes shows utter disrespect as Eddie is letting them live in his house.

Another but probably the ultimate reason for Eddies dislike of Rodolpho is he believes he is after his green card. He constantly shows this via arguments with Beatrice and Catherine when he repeats “he’s after his green card.” Because Roldolpho is an illegal immagrant he can be deported at any time but if he marries a citizen he can stay. In this case the citizen would be Catherine. Eddie has no proof for this conviction but he is looking out for his family.

I belive that both Eddie and Rodolpho are both masculine but are different because of their backgrounds and upbringing. As the play progresses though I think Eddie loses his masculinity as Rodolpho tries to be reasonable, and tell Eddie he love Catherine. To me this leave Rodolpho s the strongest male at the end of the play beause he is tryiong to reason, which would get you far in a modern society. At the end of the play I do have sympathy for Eddie because he had only been trying to give his family the best and protect them. But in doing so he made some silly mistakes which led to his stabbing

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