Sherlock Holmes A Scandal In Bohemia

Modern readers would enjoy Sherlock Holmes because of the ‘denouements’ at the end of each story. In the story of ‘A Scandal in Bohemia’, Holmes reveals all to Watson and how he was revealed by a woman and that he himself found the picture that the King of Bohemia so desperately wanted back. This is not however the only reason as to why modern readers would enjoy the di? nouements, it is the way that Conan-Doyle explains each di? nouement with simplicity but yet in an effective manner.

If this was not however the situation and Conan-Doyle never introduced the di?

nouement, then the readers would never find out the ending as Holmes never gives it away during the story. The use of the di? nouement builds up suspense and excitement as you know that soon enough the plot will be unravelled and the brilliant way in which Holmes solves the crime will be revealed. My penultimate point is how Holmes solved the crimes in task and what methods he used to do it in.

Holmes shows this perfectly in “The Speckled Band”, when he and Dr Watson examine the suspected room and then sit in the derelict house and wait until night has fallen.

Sherlock Holmes Bohemia

During the night they both enter the suspected room and see the snake sent by Dr Grimesby Roylott which led to the death of his own stepdaughter. This is exactly what Holmes thought would happen. In all the crimes he solves he is always willing to break the law, by either trespassing on private land or handling illegal firearms or even taking drugs, such as cocaine.

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This shows his determination to solve the particular crime in hand and shows that he will go to any level to do this, and gives the reader insight into how Holmes’ fantastic and complicated mind works throughout the stories.

The concluding part to this essay shows the detail that Conan-Doyle uses to describe the daily life of Holmes and also gives great insight into the period detail, such as general life in London and the public transport available at that time. The extensive detail that Conan Doyle uses to describe life in London and the transport available proves to be a total contrast from what modern day life in London is like. It is also fascinating reading about all of the different clubs and dens available at that time to join, for example ‘Opium Dens’ and ‘Gentleman Clubs’.

The role of women seen in Sherlock Holmes was typical of that time, as women were very much subordinate to men; however Conan Doyle creates a character exempt from this generalisation, called Irene Adler. A modern reader would enjoy this detail about London as it provides them with insight about how London operated over one hundred years ago. It also comments on daily life for both men and women and what there was for the working and upper class to enjoy.

The characters of Holmes and Watson prove to be if not the best crime solving duo ever to of reached our very own eyes. In writing about Holmes and Watson, Conan Doyle created a prototype which has inspired many modern writers, such as the infamous pair Batman and his sidekick Robin and more recently, Jonathan Creek and his assistant Madeline. This shows the timeless nature of Holmes and Watson as they still demonstrate to be the original crime solving team and in my eyes one of the best around.

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Sherlock Holmes A Scandal In Bohemia
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