Anual General Meeting

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The affairs of the group/club shall be controlled by a committee comprising the Officers and (number) other members elected from, and by, the Members of the group/club. The notice from the AGM will given by the club secetery in advance so that everybody will have a notice to attend. The AGM will have all the reports from officers from the managment commitee and statment of the audited acounts.

All nominations for officer roles will be sent to the secotory of the AGM so elections will take place at the AGM.

Anyone hwo is a member of the group or club has the right to vote. The quorum for AGMs shall be (number-usually 25 percent of the membership). Failure to achieve a quorum shall involve the existing Officers and General Committee remaining in their posts until a quorum is attained at a subsequent Annual General Meeting.

The AGM has the right to call more meeting’s which are Extra-ordinary General Meeting’s.

It’s duties involve controlling the affairs of the group/club, to keep accurate accounts from the Treasurer, to make decisions based on a group and club vote but the chair should have the priority to decide if there is a tie vote.

Discipline and appeals: If there are any complaints against the club then they need to be sent in writing to the secetory of the commitee. The managment commitee will meet to listen to complaints within a week after the complaint has been seen too.

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 The commitee has the power to take out any dissiplinary action such as termination of membership. In respect to the person who made the complait a response should be sent back. It’s the managment of the commitee who will make a decision on what action to carry out after days of recieving it form the secetory.In the event of a member being asked to resign his membership, no reimbursement of Annual membership fee will be considered.

Anual General Meeting

Any playing member failing to advise the Captain/Vice-Captain, following selection, of his inability to play, shall be subject to suspension, at the discretion of the General Committee Dissolution: A resolution to dissolve the club can only be passed at the AGM/EGM through a majority vote form members. In the event of dissolution, any assets of the club that remain shall become the property of a govering body or a similer club focusing on the same objectives.Sportsmatch concentrates on improving the participation result in grass-roots and this is their main attraction.It is a sponsership scheme targeted at novice/amateur sport managed by the Institute of Sports sponcership and funded by the department for Culture, media and sport through grant aidby sports england.

Sponcership is a common way of getting funds. But think how many people request sponsors all over the world and as a result it has become very competitive. To get a good deal we have to think about our approach. Not all sponcers involve finanial assistance. They can provide services, personal or products in exchange e.g.-football kit for a football team. Donations Never be scared of strangers! There mabye plenty of people who will be willing to donate funds. Ways we can increase our chances of gaining donations is by understanding the individual’s or organisation’s motivations for donating to sporting and recreational organisations.

Grants There are lots of grants available. First application’s can be made to he National Governing body which comes under the unbrella of the WNU. It can provide grants for your sports. You can apply to your local Local Authority which is Cardiff City Council. This is within the local community, this is the main source of funding for facilities, any facilities privatly owned, all areas are locally funded.The administrator of the Local Authority gives grants to our local community’s.

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Anual General Meeting
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