"Night Eye" of Titus Müller

Punished they should, the relentless aggressors. With a whip the British the German arms industry wanted the livelihood out of his hand hit: their electricity and water supply. If they succeed to destroy the dams of six dams in the Ruhr area and Hesse in one action, the economic heart of Nazi Germany would be taken to put the Armor machinery powerless and to a halt, moved closer to the end of the terrible war.

But how could such a comprehensive and precise work of destruction be made in the middle of enemy territory? Only the Royal Air Force was able.

They opted for an equally refined as difficult to master technology: converted for this purpose heavy Lancaster bombers were specially developed rotation drop bombs just above the water surface, so that it hopping like flat pebbles reach their destination: the dam. On the night of 16 to 17 May 1943, the “Operation Chastise” ( “discipline”) was carried out.

No sooner were the dams of the Eder and the Möhne blown up to huge tidal waves poured over the land and drowned between 1300 and 2400 people, including a large number of forced laborers and Allied soldiers in POW camps.

On the British side died 53 of 133 participating soldiers. In retrospect, the acclaimed as bravura coup “Operation Chastise” proved to be ambiguous undertaking.

Against this historical background plays Titus Müller espionage and war novel “Night Eye” at the scene London and Neheim (near the Möhnetalsperre in the Ruhr ). Revealing the appendix (elementary) Notes on ideology, propaganda camps, female agents and school education in the Second World War, illustrated by sources (such as diary entries from students and the Reich Propaganda Minister Goebbels).

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In Neheim Axel Rottländer can play state police his relationships as police inspector of the secret. Therefore brother George now has a post on the home front, instead of fighting or perhaps even at Stalingrad to be so many other, frozen like. Rottländer it has not as provides the way out of charity, but only his wife’s sake Anneliese, almost choked with their care and also makes her brother unbearable worry.

But Georg calls his fate almost out the him. he walks but on Easter holiday in public with a forced laborer from the East through the city. The Gestapo got him admitted because of previous incidents wehrkraftzersetzender long into their suspects index. Soon Rottländer dire consequences for Georg can not prevent – if he will not even forced myself to become active, to pull not himself and his own family into the abyss

Georg Hartmann, 31,. former teacher at the high school, conductor of the local camp for forced laborers, popularly called “Russians camp.” More than two hundred women live in makeshift shacks in a confined space, guarded by soldiers, who use it in their first attempt to escape from the firearm. All costs for transport, disinfection, medical examination, food and housing takes over the company Trögelkind & amp; Winkler and expects in return reliable work in munitions production.

If a truck new women bitter struggles from the station, George picks it up and shows them around the camp rules and their tasks. While most add to their fate, to Nadjeschka behaves from Ukraine from the beginning rebellious. You can neither comprehend nor accept that one keeps her here and that they should also work even good for hunger and poverty. With their fellow sufferers it is fill in cartridge cases on the conveyor belt in a stinking cloud of poison and must sulfur. Then lethal projectiles arising therefrom for enemies to kill – perhaps their own relatives and friends who are fighting as soldiers on the Russian side! Several times Nadjeschka caused because of their rebelliousness unrest in stock and will be punished with solitary confinement. Secretly, she wears with thoughts of escape. But until it is as far as they sabotaged the assembly line production wherever they can.

After all Nadjeschka has encountered an unusual warehouse manager in Georg Hartmann. He has managed to keep distance from the regime to maintain his humanity. As a teacher he has not indoctrinated his students for the purposes of the new rulers, he never joined the party. Now he constantly sends queries to the German Labor Front, to get assigned more for its hard-working, emaciated women, at least a few potatoes.

The unruly New only increased his worries. As Nadjeschka risks her life while trying to escape on the line, he can bring her to him and questioned her closely. She is devastated and confesses her personal blame for the death of an inmate. Already at the first encounter George was attracted to this particular, strong-willed woman; now he is impressed by their courage and openness. “No one comes through the war without being guilty,” he comforts her, and as he hugs her protectively, she draws cautious confidence. Her confession he will not report to the Gestapo.

In London survived the population, meanwhile, for years in fear before the “German Blitz”. The German bombardment aimed tremendous destruction, and people constantly keep packed bags and gas masks handy to reach the shelters with so many other residents quickly when the sirens tingle. Eric Knowlden is with his wife and two children in the middle of the crowd, urging panicked to the inputs, some fall on the stairs, are trampled to death when an avalanche of bodies poured into the cellar.

Knowldens family is torn apart, but all come with a fright. While Knowlden the survivors and cleaning up helps where he can, his anger growing on the Germans. He would love to show it to them as a pilot in direct air combat, but also in his profession he can help his country: it is intelligence in the service of MI5, and the best that he can contribute to the success of his government against German opponents, is to finally find “night eye”, the German agent who is staying somewhere in London and all reports by radio about the latest techniques of the Royal Air Force of the German Enlightenment.

Titus Müller told the two fictitious action paths on historical basis should now show. Only towards the end of the paths, descends when the British attack on the dams and Axel Rottländer its role as a Gestapo man meet cross must: “The whore comes to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, and you, George, are a traitor and will hanged. ” Although Rottländer lost earlier in the floods his family a day, he stands at attention again to maintain order as it serves the regime. For as much exemplary performance of duty, he is praised personally armaments minister Albert Speer during his site visit “.

If all Germans would never like him, we would have already won the war” .Müller’s novel “Night Eye” takes the reader caught in a special way, because the author uses a lot of care to describe the period atmosphere, everyday life. Children stand in line in front of the Italian ice cream parlor “Dolomiti”; the circus Sarrasani, who soon set up its tents and beat people with Tierbändigungen, acrobatics and clowning in the spell and is whisking you away from her dreary life is expected hot. Meanwhile, attacks their country at the world says all nations to “subhuman”, captures her to them like to keep animals and to work up to the complete exhaustion or destroy the same.

How people go with the conspicuous contradictions, the screaming injustice, the cruelty that are themselves perceive their neighborhood to? The range of possibilities recorded Müller in tiny authentic scenes that illustrate the story progress, and verschiedenster in the form of its lifelike drawn protagonists Couleur: sincere, strong character Ex-teacher Georg Hartmann; the courageous Nadjeschka, emotionally between distrust and affection swaying; To save the cowardly careerist Axel Rottländer, which in the end just about getting your own life. The figures on the British side effect uniform, however; they are not under the pressure of a totalitarian system that forces them into a position between Participate and resistance.

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"Night Eye" of Titus Müller
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