My Relationship With Ruby

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I saw her before she even spared him a glance. Her long dark hair picked up in the cool afternoon breeze. I watched her from a distance sensing her pain and loss in her downcast eyes. It brings me back to a time where I felt the same heartache and agony. The time I lost my innocent niece; Bindi. I told my story to the mob about the girl and the colourless man. That night they burned wood in hope the smoke would bring her back to her people, back to safety.

Her name was Ruby. We sat around the camp’s smoke talking about our experiences with the pale faced men that had taken over our land. She sat by the edge of the fire silent, her eyes were filled with trauma. I wonder how she was able to live with someone who’s people had hurt hers. She stood by his side while other men like him hunted the land for us.

Leave that colourless man! I command. All I want is her for her to find her home where she is protected and loved. I know she can find that with our people.

I see the pale boy walk into our camp, my fists clench with anger. I stare at him across the blaze of the fire. He doesn’t belong here. When I see his face I feel myself staring into the eyes of the man who took my Bindi away from me. We were on a hunting trip when I heard the scream of death.

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Ruby’s eyes remind him of the person who he had held closest to his heart. As I danced for her in that moment I knew I would protect her so that I would never hear her scream.

Many days passed and my relationship with Ruby begins to bloom. I know she feels secure among our people. I take care of her wherever I can to show her that I can provide security and shelter for her. Each night I wonder to the river house and listen to Ruby’s and the man’s murmurings. Most of the time their are not many words exchanged between the two. The silence from the house helps me think. I think of what my grandfather would have done and the wise words he taught me. I know I must do anything to protect my Ruby.

With the words of my grandfather playing in the back of my mind I begin to chant and climb the sacred tree. I placed down the stones, gold and crystals hoping the may please the man to leave. I also lay gifts from other lands and gifts to protect my love. I watch the man from afar. He scrapes down his Taking the hair away from the skin. I whisper forbidden words and promise him the I am the only one for her. I leave I know my duty is fulfilled but my lust is far from.

As we prepare to depart this land we share songs, we share dances and we share the fellowship. We depart for new country but with a promise that we will be back. We will return for her because in the end she is one of us now. Months past, seasons change and I yearn for Ruby’s touch. I crave the sound of her voice. We head back towards towards our old country, knowing that she would be ready to join us. Ruby steps out of the cabin and into the sunlight. Her heart opened to mine and mine to hers. We move towards new land and safety. As the sun sets on this day I know she is my Ruby moonlight.

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