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Based on my self-assessment, I have decided to begin intermittent fasting because my relationship with food has been indulgent and impulsive. I have also noticed at times my attitude has been one of lightweight dread and slight resentment when it comes to my day-to-day routine. So, I feel starting a gratitude list again like I used to, along with journaling my emotions and feelings would be most beneficial. It is extremely important that I do my part and continue to nurture my relationship with God with a thankful heart.

The next challenge I have is staying God-centered at times because I have a tendency to be self-centered, selfish, and self-seeking (I know this is hard to believe!). The spiritual practices I have chosen to stay focused on God and help to build His kingdom are Lectio Divina, meditation, and stepping out of self by continuing to serve others. I am choosing intermittent fasting because I have heard that there are health and spiritual benefits.

The health benefits are weight-loss, reduced inflammation, blood pressure and resting heart rate, and improved brain health. The spiritual benefits from fasting are more of God Himself, and answers to earnest prayers. Fasting is an expression of our emptiness and longing to be filled by Him. I chose this practice specifically because I believe although challenging, I can attain it. I plan on practicing this five days a week, with weekends off and I will still allow myself coffee and water. Practicing a daily gratitude list and journaling helps to keep my life and thought life in perspective, and allows me to see how God is moving in my life.

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When life is a challenge, when life is going great, when life just feels stagnant, there is always, always, always something to be grateful for! We may have to dig really deep, but writing it out is an opportunity to reflect every day. I have found that it is much more beneficial for me to write my list in the morning while I am sipping on my coffee. Writing it out before I head to work sets a positive pace for the day.

Last but not least, I have decided to implement Lectio Divina, meditation, and service work. By meditating on the Word, spending time reflecting on the Word, listening to the Lord speak (and not Breanna), and putting into action what He speaks to me, I believe that our relationship will grow deep, deep roots and I will walk in His Spirit. My daily plan of action is to spend 30 minutes each night in my prayer closet after my kids go to bed so there will be minimal distractions. I would eventually like to do this in the morning, but I am still working on becoming a morning person. This will allow me to decompress after each day, and turn my thoughts back upon the Lord

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