Moral Dilemma and Challenges at College

In the recent society, various people face diverse forms of the dilemmas, which might either be personal, ethical or moral dilemma. At an individual level, moral dilemma might range from professional to educational, and a choice has to be established that might either be a solution to the problem or could have a positive or an adverse effect to the dilemma. Within the society, we are faced by various ethical dilemmas at college and come in different forms that such as social skills, learning opportunities, moral values.

This paper will discuss college life dilemma and try to address the dilemma by identifying the nature of the difficulty, ethical decisions and alternative course of action to overcome the situation.

For different reasons, the college education is not a priority for every person but for those who undergo college education the society has high expectations that they will have high morals and will significantly impact the community using their knowledge. The society holds an individual with college/university education with higher standards and the experience that an individual possesses influences the actions towards each action that assist in perpetuating or destroying humanity in the society.

Time management is an ethical issue regarding how to manage our time and accomplish various learning outcomes and letting time control us. There are numerous learning opportunities in college, and each student is faced with the dilemma of how effective they should manage their time.

The balance between time management and acquiring life support skills such as social skills and college-life balance is essential.

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It is difficult to allocate my time and energy among the many learning opportunities offered by college life. These opportunities included the academic, but also gaining social skills and maturity. In my situation, the right path of moral action is not always defined, however, by bearing in mind both emotion and reason, it is essential to establish a moral decision regarding time management and put situations against my will to make the correct choices. I faced a moral dilemma of how I should effectively manage my time to gain all skills that college education should offer have not received much guidance from a counselor on how to approach various scenarios.


Each person needs an uninterrupted moment from destruction to reflect on our lives and assess the drawbacks that influence us from accomplishing your goals. It is vital to set some time aside to meditate and reflect on effective time management in college and prioritize the most important lessons that one should acquire to fit in the community successfully. Social skills are vital for one to be successful, and it requires devoting the required qualifying time to ones’ goals and objective (Barad & Sweta, 2012). Therefore, we should allow our emotions to influence the actions that are regarded as morally right throughout the college life which will form the basis for moral deliberation. A personal perspective of time management is appropriate since I can quickly identify with my weaknesses regarding effective time management and implement changes to attain my goals.

In conclusion, the time has ethical significance concerning acquiring various skills in colleges such as social skills and maturity. It is vital to maintaining good morals skills to instill discipline in time management. College life is meant to shape an individual’s life and adequately prepare them for the challenges faced in the current society. The ethical significance of time should guide how I manage my time to get the most out of college education.

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