Revenge Porn in the Pacific

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The following sample essay on “Revenge Porn in the Pacific” focus on revenge porn in the pacific countries. Therefore, choosing principles (Formula of Humanity, Good will, Moral Autonomy) of deontology are the three-arguments against revenge abuse. Then conclusions are made.

Revenge Porn can be define as sharing of images and video, without the consent of the person appear in that video or image and it is aimed just to hurt or abusing the victims feeling as a form of revenge. (SafeLine, 2019) Revenge is a very powerful and negative way of paying back, Born Also revenge porn is often just another form of domestic violence or sexual harassment.

Because of how affective it is consequences to human lives.

Firstly, there are many reason of why revenge porns graph is rise increasingly in the pacific countries. As we noticed and civilization become intellectual and smart with its features for sharing images and videos, also the messaging services in social media been update lately to a one or two click away mode.

(SafeLine, 2019) Of course civilization keep coming in every corner of our life we cannot stop civilization from being developed, for us to think twice before make our decisions and action.

For instance, One of the cases in Fiji, reported anonymously to the newspaper that one of the victims is a university student, this student been confidently sent a video of her removing her towel slowly in front of a camera to a partner. Then comes noticed, the video been circulated by the other students and this led her thinking of suicide, just because of emotional pain and embarrassment.

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(Fiji Sun, 2019). This is showing lack of supporting and moral advices from guardians about using of devices and civilizations as their duty and responsibility to do, for the safety of their children.

In addition, the principles of Deontology theory apply here, as the above stated the technologies been developed and being a very intelligent tool to steal the humans attention in many ways. Deontology is a duty of a person. In a family, each members have a duty as a mother, father or children for each others; Formula of Humanity is one of the principles of this theory. Formula of Humanity is focussing on humans life should be valued. Suicide is murder; it is not allow taking your own life or someones life as in the bible. You shall not murder (Rom 13:9). As the technologies developed, Formula of humanity been violated, because the technologies are centre of delivery of images through media and can led to suicide.

Secondly, Trust a wrong person can make a wrong decision, as we trust someone, all the love and all what we have, we need to share it with that person. However, sometimes trust a wrong person can lead wrong place. According to this person show her apologies for what she has done

I want to sincerely apologi[z]e to my mother, to my daughter, to my family, to my friends, my fans and any other people who have been offended by these images, this was a breach of trust by someone I loved. I take full responsibility for having lost my mind to take such shameful pics [sic]. This person has not only abused that trust but now seeks to drag me down. These images in no way should define who I am.(Pitcher, J. 2015)

For instance, a person being in a relationship when she was 16 and fall in love with her boyfriend , she trust her boyfriend, he’s beein telling her that she love her etc etc , then put all her trust on him by sleeping with him they took photos of them together then sent him photos and videos. They had a problem and they broke up. The partner circulate the naked images of her girlfriend through drop box of the university. The close relative and her family viewed the images and they were very disappointed. (Chanel, 2017)

Moreover, “Moral Autonomy” is one of the principles of this theory. Moral autonomy is focussing on your own choice or decision you make not following what the others are decide to do or decision. As the victim trusted her boyfriend to take photo of them and sent it to him, the victim’s moral has been violates. Moral autonomy or self-rule being violates, because the victim cannot be able to make better decision, but decide to trust his boyfriend.

Furthermore, Pacific way of life disperse, in some pacific countries, most of the families they are living together with their relatives in one house as extended family. Respectfulness is needed in this situation because of how crowded the house with brothers and sisters. There are special bonding between the family members. How they love and respect each others. When one member from this family commit this act, his or her images can be viewed by one from his family that they are staying together, and what will happen here? Most of the members will leave the house because of what happened. (Cooper, P.W. 2016) we can see here the family bond disperse because of the disrespectful behaviour happened.

The reputation of the country is no longer on its right standard anymore. It has become very unreliable for visitors to visit depended on the negative behaviour performed. Then what we must consider here, the economy of the country will decrease. Not only the country but the also the victim, become hated and unreliable by most. To trust or love that person will not be the same. People surrounding start mocking the victim when she is around the community or in public. (Chanel, 2018)

The principle of utilitarianism known as Harm Principle has been violate. This principle been focus of the action or behaviour of a person can freely do or say something at least others are not affected or harm, but in this case the family, country and the people around the victim has been affect or harm by action and behaviour has been done. (Citron, D.; Franks, M, 2014).

Governance focus on how to making decision and action that fair and just for everyone. Fulfilling duty and responsibility is one way to shape and protect our children in the pacific known as Family Governance. The children has the right to grow up in a family, in each families, children needed to be educated with skills and confidence for them to grow up and can able to face the circumstances. (Freida, 2008).

In family, each members needs to help, especially the children to be mentoring with good habit what not to do and let parents knows everything happened but not hiding from them. (Graham& Dutton, 2014) For example; Parenting for children at home is very crucial, spend time with them, parent should access what the children been doing through and on internet every time as their responsibility.(Graham& Dutton, 2014)

Last but not the least, Community Approaches is another approach to governance that will help as a solution to lessen the problems. Parent and community should work together in running an awareness workshop or retreat to build confidence to stay away from cybercrimes on internet and to aware them from the impact of revenge porn. Prevention is better than cure. For examples; in Tonga, there are four main priorities mentioned by Kefu that will help to minimize the case happening, first update legislation, build capacity for law enforcement, public-private industry cooperation and community awareness. (Kefu, 2018). We see here the working together of community, government and family members for the safety of children.

To conclude this essay, there are generous methods to tackle revenge bond in the pacific countries update legislation, build capacity for law enforcement, government should provide a programme for the children awareness. Invites the government leaders to perform a speech on the technologies and civilization. Those are the possible ways we can help in such a ways to help our children. Technologies and civilization being invents and we cannot stop them, we are thinking of a way just to manage those civilizations. The safety of our children is depend on us parents, revenge porn in the pacific should be concerned because our life should be valued but not to be treated as a toy.

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