Mobile Legends Is One of the Best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games

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Mobile Legends is one of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video games, brought to you by Moonton. The game is specially designed for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. It offers the perfect blend of Battle Royale and MOBA genres, providing your exquisite gameplay that you may have never experience before. It became popular in Southeast Asia and will be featured soon at the Southeast Asian Games in 2019. The game is given credited to pioneer the genre in mobile game industry back in 2016.

Since that year, the game has become the world success with over 100 million downloads. With a huge number of players, there’s no surprise that the game has released more than 80 playable characters. We’ve has compiled a list of top 10 heroes in mobile legends. However, some of them are powerful and some may be weak.


Cyclops is one of the best playable characters and comes with high magic power. He has ability to destroy tanks which is the main reason that Fanny isn’t famous among players than Cyclops.

The skills of the character are overwhelming and he shines throughout the game and can take down enemies easily. Using the ultimate power, Cyclops can freeze the opposing player for 2 seconds and allow him teammates to deal massive damage.

Fanny is a beautiful female character equipped with a mighty sword used to kill enemies. Probably, she is the most challenging hero to play, but mostly people argued that she is really best in this MOBA game.

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Her signature attack is bit challenging to master especially for beginners. Those players who have successfully learn the deadly moves can easily take down enemies.

Have you ever imagined yourself in an armored suit? No, then try this hero in Mobile Legends “Johnson”, who is one of the most prominent heroes comes with massive health which is insane. Similar to Transformers, he has an ability to turn into a car.

He is a mage who could deal with much damage on team-based battles if his skills are polished properly. The hero is able to jump in and out of critical situations while reacting like an assassin, rather than a mage. You need lots practice to overcome the hero but he will be proved an integral element in a battle if left unchecked.

Handsome hero who takes lots of time to master. This hero is unbeatable if played accurately and with his full potential. Which kind of things make it so powerful that within few seconds he can appear and disappear out of your eye. The sword spike is his primary skill to use.

Another female heroine and in actually, she is a beast. The incredible skill of the hero is unlocked, requires a practice to be unlocked. Once the player knows how to place and use her super umbrella wisely, he can take down anyone. Due to her unfair mechanics, she was banned from high-ranking matches.

Once he was the king of Mobile Legends and approximately all players consider that he is one of the most prominent heroes in Mobile Legends for solo ranking matches. The main reason of his growing popularity is that he can easily mix the attack power with his quick reflexes to make him a perfect assassin.

The appearance of Aldous is similar to a fighter hero that is mainly used for pushing. He will perform well when use in a team and when Aldous is at 250, he can easily knock out any enemy. Moreover, if you equip him with heavy weaponry then he turn himself in an unstoppable machine.

She looks like a pretty woman who is famous for the way she attacks. The game introduces tough controls to master for beginners and once the player overcome the controls, the victory lies in his hand. Serving as one of few heroes who is freely assigned to new players simply logging in to the account for seven days. Zilong is considered one of the fantastic heroes in Mobile Legends for newcomers. Spear Flip is the famous attack using which Zilong can easily lift up an enemy over his back.

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