Memories That I Experienced My Parents' Divorce

Through the past semester I was able to reflect upon many of the theories discussed in order to better understand the various skills and techniques I can implement in the future. There were many different theories which peaked my interest when it came to the counselors role and the approaches they took in order to bring about greater wellness. Gestalts perspective has an interesting way of connecting ones thoughts and emotions to the physical sensations in one’s body to figure out how to best regulate one’s self.

Person Centered approach provides unconditional positive regard as well as empathetic understanding for clients allowing them to be real and authentic. Though these theories helped broaden my thought processes to many different approaches, I would always go into deep contemplation of the Adlerian perspective.

I decided to analyze and reflect upon Adlerian Theory because it has a holistic approach and focuses on the individual and their view of how family system impacts them.

Adlerian theory also focuses on the meaning one gives to life experiences, which I find important when helping one move towards greater wellness I believe there are many aspects of this theory I relate to and experienced throughout the course of my life thus far.

During the course of my life I was always intrigued about how one views outside influences and the role it plays in their personal life. In particular I believe the family system has a significant impact on the way an individual reacts to specific events and the way in which one interacts with others.

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It is important to understand the different perspectives one can have in regards to each member within their family and how they view them self. When working with potential clients I believe it is important to focus on their interpretation of a situation rather than actual experiences.

Throughout my life I have experienced many attributes and similarities when it came to Adler’s perspective. I believe early experiences in life are important and help shape a person’s learning and development. Growing up with an older sister I was always felt as though I was striving to have an identity apart from her, and wanted to be more reliable, and capable. In a way it could be seen as consistently being in competition to be better socially, academically, and athletically. Some of my earliest memories was being independent wanting to complete tasks on my own without the assistance of others.

Some of the earliest memories I experienced has impacted me in a significant way, such as my parents divorce. I remember before their divorce the many road trips and family vacations we went on, and how happy we once were. When this occurred it seemed to have a spiraling effect on the events that happened in the future. This made me think about the reactions both my sister and I had over the course of our lives and how it is currently impacting present day. It appears as though my sister has a more hard, rough exterior, whereas I have become more compassionate and understanding of a person’s thoughts, actions, and emotions. I think about how this situation impacts my future and the implications it has when finding a person you can depend and rely on for the rest of your life. Though I believe this struggle has impacted my present and future in a negative way, my parents did the best they could to encourage me and push me to be the best I could in any dreams I had.

I believe encouragement is extremely important when it comes to one’s overall health and wellbeing. Throughout life I was always encouraged by friends, and family to do well in school, athletics, and to be the best I could be. I always challenged myself and had the desire to master the things I chose to accomplish. Growing up I was always considered to be a very driven person striving to be the best in everything I committed myself to. I was determined to challenge myself and strived toward superiority in order to make my life more enjoyable.

When I was a young girl I went to counseling after my parents’ divorce. After reflecting upon this experience I have discovered the therapist was using various techniques and approaches from Adlerian theory to help me move toward the future. In a way I feel personally connected to this theory because I have experienced many of the ideas he has developed and agree with many of his findings in regards to the impact a family system can have on a person. I chose this particular theory because I believe it is important to understand a client’s perspective of each family member as well as how they view themselves as an individual.

There are several techniques and approaches to focus on when using Adlerian theory to help one move towards greater wellness. Adler focused on the conscious rather than the unconscious and believed behavior was observed and learned rather than instinctual. He believed people should be free to set their own goals based on how one interprets the world.

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