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In this world there has been so many changes with how the news, radio, television and what is now known as social media portrays violence. This is now what we call social media violence, and to the unknown it actually has made an impact on how society handles and responds to these situations. With society having more access at the touch of a finger can essentially become dangerous to a peaceful forthcoming. Although not all media has the intent to promote violence, it does shine a light on what is going on in the world around us and makes everyone stop to think about how we are treating others every day.

So the question is this “Does media cause us to have an aggressive or negative behavior in society?”, and do we handle it properly. Aggressive or Negative Behaviors There is so many different aspects as to whether media or video games cause negative or aggressive behavior. Although there has been some research that linked some sort of aggressive thoughts still existed, this does not completely rule out any or all of the negative behaviors because they do still exist.

In research studies from years ago before social media, television, radio etc. existed, psychologist would state that a persons’ actions depicted upon how they were raised or treated by their parents is what sought out to be the reasoning for aggressive behaviors.

As years went on and the violence began to progress it was still thought to have been ones upbringing.

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Today’s society and the internet access, and video games has not only been thought to add to this behavior, but it has also allowed more violence to be readily available at the push of a button. The media showing multiple police victims, drug related incidents, and shootings, does not mean for the person watching to go out and perform any such act. On another hand, the children that are basically being raised by video games with high violence ratings could possibly lead to that child thinking that a gun is okay to use or play with because it is in their game (Schipani, 2018). Teaching gun safety should become a priority to families all over the world and could possibly help eliminate children thinking that it is a toy.

With this being said, media violence more than likely does not cause adults to be aggressive or behave negatively in society unless they have previously been exposed to a situation that may have harmed there mental health and the right to basically know right from wrong. Existing and Wanting to See The media depicting what already exist in society versus what society wants to see is really hard to separate. Every day there are things that are not publically announced due to the persons involved may not be the in the highest class of society or they may live in an area of well-known violence in general. Media covers what tends to be relevant to certain areas and whom is involved for the most part. Covering the latest news in media is what society wants to see, but all of the violence is what tends to be flashed across the screens.

The positive outlooks in society tend to get covered up by all of the negativity. I believe that society does not want to see all of the negative or aggressiveness on the media, but it has become what is the norm now in this day and time. It has come to the point to where you do not even want to watch the news any longer because it just depicts on negativity most of the time. Regulating Media When it comes to regulating the media the information should have some sort of restrictions on what information is to be shared. The public should definitely be informed of what is going on in today’s world, but they should not be informed of pertinent information that could possibly lead to violence or aggression to said person or persons’.

For instance, if a person is on the run from police that is wanted for a sexual assault to a minor, should the public honestly know of who this person is for the simple fact that someone is liable to go on a man hunt and take someone’s life. This not only is a controversial subject, but it also leaves us wanting to know who the person is so that we can protect ourselves and others from such predator. So regulating the media has its pros and cons, but in all actuality the safety of the public is what matters the most. Adults and Children There is many different ways that violence can affect people and at what age is the worse to handle. In research they are using what is known as “priming” (it is when something is prepared for use or action) and what the effects are with whom the audience is.

When it comes to adults they tend to be instantly affected by what is in the media related to violent behavior. The children on other hand are follow the lead of the parent’s and have a longer time frame to become ill to certain repeated events and exposure of a particular act. The more a child is exposed to a certain aspect the more likely they are to portray it naturally. As far as long and short term effects, adults tend to be shorter term based to where the children are considered long term (PENN STATE, 2018). Conclusion In conclusion, the amount of media whether it is to be done by news, social media, radio or television the behavior of violence or aggression is depicted upon the person and their personal views on situations. When it comes to social media there is multiple ways that someone can show aggression or violent behavior such as verbally assaulting someone or even stalking. The view on news media can be implicated with the more something violent is shown the more likely someone with a previous experience or mental health issue tends to feel aggression towards that particular subject or matter.

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