Media Bias in the Context of Global Connectivity

Upon its arrival to the world, the radio immediately began impacting the world bringing people closer together and spreading information to the masses in real time. in the context of american history and culture the radio shaped the way the average american took in the information and how they enjoyed the entertainment. radio broadcasts kept the listeners up to date on what was occurring while radio shows allowed for the common consumer to enjoy entertainment from the comfort of their homes.

despite being new radio media soon began to take some footing away from the already established print media the most common way of receiving information by allowing for people to hear the news immediately rather than waiting for the next days issue of the paper. today we as a nation are often addressed via the internet or the television physically seeing whoever is speaking to us as a populous. media bias in the context of global connectedness is extremely prevalent news outlets show pictures of remote areas and warzones depicting every piece of information that goes through them the way they want it to be seen.

Adolf hitler used propaganda and mass media to attain his goals by instilling the german citizens with the ideas that he believed to be truth. propaganda posters were used to portray the jewish people as the source of the german blight as well as depicting allied powers as enemies to the very existence of germany itself. media was used to speak directly to the people radio transmissions allowed for hitlers message to be spread across the country seamlessly while television broadcasts showed the german people just how passionate hitler was about his ideals.

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all these aspects were crucial to hitlers campaign against both the jewish people and the allied powers by taking away his means of communicating with the populous hitler would have been vastly less successful as a majority of his followers were converted through his radio broadcasts television broadcasts and his propaganda posters.

Today no matter how much the world preaches a strong interconnected-ness there will always be the promotion of unhealthy ideas as people will always disagree on something. a good example of this would be the division between democrats and republicans with each one seeing the other as the devil because thats what they were told on their respective news stations rallies or radio broadcasts.the nuremberg laws were a pair of laws that directly targeting the jewish population of germany taking their citizenship and declaring them as subjects of the state according to britanica and forbidding marriage and sexual relations between the jewish people and the citizens of german blood or lineage. the nuremberg laws took away the humanity from jews equating them to cattle or livestock. comparing the nuremburg laws to more modern discriminatory practices the first that comes to mind are the jim crow law of late 19th mid-20th century america.

While jim crow wasnt as extreme as the nuremburg laws the underlying idea of segregation was clearly present in both with racial segregation being the former and ethnic segregation being the latter. compared to the nuremburg laws jim crow was laxer as there werent strict laws such as the banning of sexual relations between races however it was still shunned. a person is characterized by more than a name or a profession they are characterized by their individuality and their strength to uphold others. however the quality of humankind that is most easily identified are feelings and emotions. in franz kafkas tale metamorphosis gregor samsa ended up been excluded from society due to his physical appearance. although he was extremely confused about what was happening to him his disappointment was even greater when not only the common people but his own flesh and blood had disregarded and tantalized him due to his appearance. gregors human feelings didnt change; however his emotions were altered at time when he realized how desensitized his family became toward his condition. kafkas tale metamorphosis clearly depicted how society can be numb harsh and cruel when situations or events become usual.

Metamorphosis can also be equated to societys behavior and reaction to war when ordinary people were not accustomed to seeing death and devastation they turn away in disgust however after a period of time they get used to and deal with it seeing it as an everyday occurrence just like gregors family eventually saw gregors condition as the new normal. this tale also can also be viewed as a metaphor of how cruel and desensitized society can be towards people that can be considered different because of a mental or physical disability or even for sexual orientation.most people think that family is one of the most important parts of their lives.

I believe that gregor felt the same way since all he did was to work to help his family as it is stated in kafkas tale gregor converted his success at work straight into cash that he could lay on the table at home for the benefit of his astonished and delighted family. prior to the transformation his family was totally reliant upon gregor for financial support and he was consider significantly important for them but after his transformation for obvious reasons the family became in distress it was a unique situation and not knowing how to deal with it his family slowly became distant from him. at first his sister naturally tried as far as possible to pretend there was nothing burdensome about it and the longer it went on of course the better she was able to do so but as time went by gregor was also able to see through it all so much better.

I think their first reaction was justifiable since it was a difficult situation for them to understand but they shouldve been more caring loving and kind due to him being a part of their family and furthermore because he was their support when they needed it the most. i believe he felt unloved and unwanted he was stripped of his familial social and individual identity he came to the realization that he was a burden for his family. when gregor eventually dies his family shows no remorse for their actions rather than grieving at the loss of a family member they breathed a sigh of relief at the loss of a burdenthe treatment gregor receives can be compared to modern disenfranchised groups because theyre both seen as something that is unconventional or an oddity often being excommunicated and exiled from their own homes if not physically then emotionally.

A good example of more recent history the lgbt community had received an exponential amount of hate and persecution due to their sexual orientation. unlike the tale the lgbt community became accepted by most people in america. theyre just one example african americans and muslim/middle eastern people in america all went through some sort of persecution just like gregor did.gregor initially is well respected by his family seeing as he is the main monetary earner in the family. he supports them and they show their appreciation by treating him with the respect he deserves. however as the story progresses both his family and society begin to turn their backs on him as his appearance changes. his family seemingly forgets just how much gregor did to help them as they begin seeing him as an inconvenience. they start avoiding him and no longer treated him with the same respect he was once given.

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