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The Thieme – mother Karen, father Bernd, the four-year Teresa and the fourteen-year-old hard-wired son Mark have loaded the family van. Now briefly with Aunt Martha Adieu say before they escape the unbearable heat gen Germany Scotland. There they will find it cool, and Karen, the one annoying desk job next to the little household has, will be able to recover properly. Every two weeks she looks Aunt Martha, the sister of her grandmother, because there is finally something to inherit … But no, irreverent must not think.

Aunt Martha expects Karen already at the door and running in a plaid kilt wrapped together with umbrella and suitcase packed. She wants to ride; it has to do something else in Scotland … “Her yes inherits finally time everything, because you can also expect something!” How could Karen say no?

“You hast’se probably not all!” is Bob’s comment, as Karen Martha has in tow

So what they have loaded the leg -. but so crazy, batty, is senile the old woman did not, despite their bizarre clothing.

The octogenarian is a sly old dog and knows exactly what she wants, and in Scotland it knows about the best way.

For Aunt Martha’s life is family Thieme had never seriously interested, and so they experience in the course the trip nasty surprise, because aunt Martha’s past is full of secrets they airs gradually.

I have rarely read an entertainment novel that so little is entitled plus offers even an almost childishly simple action , It merely lacks even the recommended age “6-99 years” as similar shallow board games …

How superficial the author beauty and culture of Scotland describes hurts me outright.

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We travel with Thieme’s only at the tourist highlights past and learn the way a minimum of story about Mary Stuart and the Highland clans who fought murderously. Each tour operator catalog can all loosely to detail and attractive design beat. given what might it not to describe it all in fascinating to talk to design!

After all, this level fits perfectly with the terrible harmlessness of Thieme family. Father Bernd is a silt. Karen runs around in pumucklrotem hair and Boller sockets and must be advised about octogenarian great-aunt herself while shopping from her. Martha believes it is high time that Karen is doing something for their appearance to be more attractive to Bernd, so she turns them after shopping in Edinburgh in a “femme fatale” … (Tries, the author here as in

to move a four-year-olds to participate in a trip to Scotland irony?). a real performance of the Thieme-parents, and so trots Mark behaved after the others. That it remains mostly uninterested by the way, would rather busy with his Internet-enabled mobile phone and with earplugs isolated, common reality may well quite match; . That this same child but then can be calculated fascinated by carnival magic, I do not quite fit

Aunt Martha dump them all in the bag; for me it is the only figure who Ulrike Herwig has assigned an interesting character, a flamboyant past. Everything else in this book are functionless basically interchangeable elements full of clichés.

Now enough of the criticism. Asleep I’m not reading; there was even a pleasure, finally back to read a book with great music without ever losing track of the thin story line.

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