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Motion Industries was formed as a merge of the Owner-Richards Company (which was purchased in 1946 by Caldwell Marks and William Spencer in Birmingham, AL) and the Bearing and Transmission Supply Company (BATS) in 1972. Motion Industries specialized itself in the production of different kinds of bearings along with other mechanical products. In 1976, Motion Industries became owned by Genuine Parts Company (GPC). By 1985, Michael S. Gaffney succeeded as the first president of Motion Industries. By 1993, Motion Industries occupied various other industries such as Midcap Bearing, Cascade Bearing, Bush-Miller Inc.

, and CHv Hydraulics. More industries got added to the Motion Industries group continuously from time to time which expanded its overall business. Motion Industries occupied over 550 industrial units in North America by 2013. In 2013, Tim Breen became the president and COO while Randy P. Breaux being the current president elected in 2018. The company made an exclusive sales of $5 Billion in 2019 (“Motion Industries history,” n.d.).

Motion Industries sells various kinds of products in the market.

It has a partnership with other electronic products, tools, and machine products companies and delivers the products of various categories. It sells a wide range of tools, equipment, machine parts, and mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical machines. Its products include different kinds of bearings, cutting tools, chemicals and lubricants, adhesives and tapes, hand and power tools, hose and fittings, hydraulic equipment and machines, pneumatic equipment, seals and gaskets, pumps and electrical machines and equipment. The company also provides the same product of different sizes and specifications as per the need of the customer.

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Motion Industries Company provides products for personal, small business, and industrial use. (“Motion Industries,” n.d.).

Critical analysis of the website

Motion Industries Company has developed a very attractive, user-friendly, and easy to use the website. The company has easy access to all the information on the website from the homepage. The best thing about the website is that the homepage has a list of headings of products of the company on the left side which the visitors can easily navigate. Visitors can gain information about available items in the company from the website. The company has categorized the products with main heading such as bearings, cutting tools, chemicals and lubricants, adhesives and tapes, hand and power tools, hose and fittings, hydraulic equipment and machines, pneumatic equipment, seals and gaskets, pumps and, electrical machines and equipment. Another benefit of the company is that the customers can buy the products online from the company’s website. There is a detailed description of every product of the company which describes the model number, specifications, and the price of the product.

The homepage also has a search bar through which visitors can directly search the required item form the branch nearest to their location. The company also has depicted the information on the history of the company, rules, and policies of the company, contact information of the company on the official website (“Motion Industries,” n.d.). Cylindrical roller bearings are the bearings that are different from normal ball bearings as they use rolling elements in its structure rather than balls. The cylinders are comparatively greater in length and diameter and also carry greater radial load capacity. There are three different kinds of cylindrical roller bearing such as a single row, double row, and multi-row bearing. The cylindrical bearing has a unique property that has various clearance and lubrication options, unlike other bearings that lack these qualities.

Motion industries provide cylindrical roller bearing of various diameters, brands, bore type, number of rows bore diameter, outside diameter, and width. Few common examples of the cylindrical roller bearing of Motion Industries include SKU NU 205 ECP, SKU NU 210 ECP, and SKU NU 305 ECP (“Cylindrical Roller Bearings,” n.d.). The Cylindrical roller bearing is of various uses due to their quality of greater radial load carrying capacity, ability to operate at a faster speed, and other related benefits. They are used in various industries for the manufacturing of other products and machines. Some machines and equipment which make use of cylindrical roller bearing include gearboxes, wind turbines, machine tools, electric motors, material handling, pumps, and steel mills. They are used to transfer the mechanical power of one part of the object to another part. It is used in the automobile industry, oil and gas plants, steel mills, paper mills, and various other industries (“Cylindrical Roller Bearings,” n.d.).

Products  (DC Motors)

The DC motor is an electrical motor that functions on the supply of the direct current power. It works on the electromagnetism mechanism. It is a device which converts the electric power into mechanical energy. The DC motors help in providing acceleration or deceleration in speed. The DC motor can work in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction as per the requirement of the situation. There are various kinds of DC motors which as used for various purposes such as geared DC motor, series DC motor, and shunt motor (“DC motor,” n.d.). Motion Industries develops DC motors of various kinds such as direct DC motor, brushless motor, explosion-proof motor, permanent magnet motor, shunt-wound motor and wound field motor of various brands with different specifications (“DC Motor,” n.d.).

The DC motor has a good speed regulation and finds applications in lifts, suburban trains, and electric traction. Due to its specialty to operate at constant or low-speed, it is used in dynamic braking and reversing applications. DC motor also has a high torque and is used in the toys and automobile industry such as in automotive windscreen and automotive wipers. It further finds its use in electric footing, air compressor, vacuum cleaner, elevators, winching systems, hairdryer, sewing machines, centrifugal pumps, drills, fans, boring mills, conveyors and blowers.

Products  (Hydraulic power units)

The hydraulic power unit is the major element of the hydraulic system which drives the entire system. It comprises of the motor, a hydraulic pump, and a reservoir. The hydraulic power unit provides a large amount of power to the system which is capable of drive any kind of hydraulic ram. These units make use of Pascal’s law to perform its operations. Pascal’s law determines the exact functioning of hydraulic power units in the system and draws the power from area and pressure ratios. The hydraulic power units find their application in various fields. Some major uses of hydraulic power units include its uses in sub-sea equipment, material handling, aerospace testing equipment agricultural equipment, automation, machine tools, oil fields, meat processing machinery, paper mill machinery, rolling mill machinery, military equipment, oil spills cleaning equipment, marine equipment, theatrical equipment, and construction equipment.

Hydraulic power units are utilized in heavy lifting operations in industries and other businesses. They are used at construction sites in various machines such as excavators, bulldozers, and skid steers. They are used in the fishing industry for lifting the heavy nets and pots. They are used in car service stations to lift heavy cars for repairing and servicing the operation of cars. Hydraulic power units are used in daily life and help to eliminate the human effort with the mechanical power of machines.

Products 4 (Claw Hammer)

Claw hammer is a common equipment used in carrying out construction processes. It consists of steelhead and a handle that is used to pound or extract a nail into or out of a surface respectively. The weight of the hammer ranges from 7 to 32 oz (1.21 kg) depending on the quality of handle material and weight of steelhead. The material of the handle is usually wood, fiberglass, or steel. One side of the hammerhead is flat and is utilized for pounding nails while the other side of the hammer has a claw in the V-shape which is used for extracting nails Claw hammer is used in the furniture industry to pound in extract nails from wood (Vanbaren, 2017).


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